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laboratory optimization software

Laboratory Software Optimization

Building the next software version, which includes gathered experience, business needs and improve operating processes.

About client

The company provides its medical and healthcare services all over the world, also including in remote regions. Its focus is the ability to present quality services to millions of people in different countries, regardless of their income, social status, and position. The main priority of this company is to find universal medicines for various types of diseases and allow global clients to use them for good.

Business challenge

Development of the next version of the software, which includes gathered experience and business needs. 

Team composition

System Analyst

Data analyst

Security specialist

2 DevOps engineers

5 Software Developers

Our solution

Stabilization and efficiency improvement of the existing system. Delivery of highly maintainable source code with extended documentation. 

Technology used in project

AWS Serverless architecture, React.js, GraphQL, AWS AppSync, AWS Cognito, DynamoDB, Terraform, Gitlab pipelines, Node.js

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Value we added

Ensuring business continuity and easy development in the future. 


Future perspective

Extending the scope of the system’s operation and integration with the business environment.