Fintech Software

Fintech Software

The finance sphere was always actively developing and the least conservative industry. In the modern world, to actively grow, impress and satisfy global customers, fintech application development more strongly needs innovative solutions that include artificial intelligence, online banking, data management, and so on. 

Understanding the current trends, INTechHouse  offers its fintech software development services to promote progressive business-driven solutions. Being a reliable European partner for many years, we are helping banks, financial institutions, credit card companies, fintech startups, and enterprises with advanced software solutions. If you need a mighty reliable solution, we are going the same way.

Solve Any Fintech Software Challenges You Have

Business Challenge

Outdated Applications

Our Solution

Outdated applications significantly reduce the growth and attractiveness of the company, so upgrading the application to a modern level will allow businesses to grow significantly.

Business Challenge

New Supply Channels

Our Solution

Modern successful companies need to supply reliable financial software solutions. New channels will force customer demand and improve their experience.

Business Challenge

Online Banking

Our Solution

Modern businesses dream about creating the best financial services through digital channels because it’s an easy and effective way of internal financial communication. We can help with building the best possible software for reliable online banking procedures.

Business Challenge

Universal Fintech Software Solutions

Our Solution

Fintech software development companies need to be able to create solutions that will help them scale further and maintain high-quality service. Also, the chatbot implementation would be a good idea for 24/7 consulting issues and regulations.

Business Challenge

Breaking up with Monolithic

Our Solution

An inefficient monolithic architecture slows down software development and makes it difficult to introduce new functionality into your applications. We suggest creating microservices that significantly save time and volume of services if some problem happens.

Business Challenge

Specialized Software Solutions

Our Solution

Rapidly changing financial rules affect business processes in the company. Therefore, the specialized programs created for the finance industry are necessary for compliance with all regulatory requirements and legal specifications in various countries.

Business Challenge

AI Development

Our Solution

Many companies need access to reports, risk assessment, and the productivity of their employees. Creating a specific fintech software for analytics with AI will eliminate human errors and allow receiving recommendations for improving processes.

Business Challenge

Going Cloud

Our Solution

Old paper procedures become inefficient and lead to costs, so we are always ready to digitize work processes and create better conditions for robotic process automation. Why is financial software development going cloud? This is secure, comfortable and extremely reliable. You will have an access to what you need and no need to be dependent on the machines

INTechHouse has Expertise with

Authentication Fintech Software Technologies

We are ready to provide fintech companies with Give both your clients and your staff peace of mind by offering the latest and most effective authentication processes. Suppose you wish to have a computer vision like a recognition part or fingerprint recognition. In that case, our experienced fintech software developers are happy to create the best secure authentication solutions to ensure that your sensitive financial data and fintech software are under protection.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain like a distributed ledger technology is a universal tool for building various databases. It is helpful because you don’t need to search for data, it’s saved on your side. If you are a business owner engaged in selling or modern currency exchanging, we will help you implement and improve secure data exchange using blockchain. It reduces costs and increases accountability with transparency of all transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Companies, especially in the fintech industry, need to be able to make informed decisions based on the analysis of artificial intelligence or machine learning. Our specialists are ready to create custom financial software to analyze expenses, predict costs, create well-thought-out financially profitable strategies, and help to understand the audience and its needs better.

IoT Engagement

If we compare fintech with financial companies, it will be a revolution. With the help of IoT solutions, insurers and finance leaders receive a better customer behaviour analysis, tailor financial products to their client’s specific needs, and create robust partnerships. Companies should choose IoT solutions when they want fraud protection and desire to increase company revenue.

Modern 24/7 Communication

Fintech companies need to think about constant communication between their clients and staff by offering secure chatbot solutions and providing the answers to their various challenges around the clock. Also, we are ready to build solutions for financial control and have friendly reminders to avoid delayed online payments. Today, your customer loyalty can be built with the help of ongoing positive cooperation in real time.

Are you

a fintech company and need a consultation?

Our Fintech Software Development Services

Our advanced fintech software developers can offer digitally transforming custom software development solutions for banks, investment companies, brokerage organizations, crypto providers, trust funds, credit unions, and other FinTech providers. Our expertise and consulting services include:

Financial Software Development

We are ready to create custom financial software from scratch or optimize the existing solution if necessary. If you have some problems and it’s hard to mention where they are, this is a sign for us to start our advanced software search. Be sure, InTechHouse like a fintech software development company can turn challenges into advantages. 

Financial Software Integration

The financial industry should stay in touch with modern technologies and engaging software development solutions. To enrich both the financial and functional capacities, InTechHouse can integrate

  • 1) banking or financial software products with payment gateways
  • 2) communication channels, investment management analytics
  • 3) international payment solutions
  • 4) operating solutions and fraud detection tools
  • 5) tax management and document management solutions, etc.

Financial Mobile App Development

For modern clients, it is much easier to keep track of finances and transfer money with mobile phones instead of going to traditional banks. Also, a reliable solution would be to create instant notifications or confirmations. There is no need to wait long to confirm any action, with the help of the mobile apps, everything is easy to perform.

Security and Compliance

We ensure the stable operation and protection of all financial systems and processes. We understand that our clients must receive services that meet international requirements and standards. All our decisions have been verified and are legally protected so that both sides feel as comfortable as possible.

Trend #1

Banks Need Embedded Solutions

Embedded solutions have been a fast-growing trend in 2022 because numerous banks struggle to become service providers to non-bank and non-financial institutions. They are looking to deliver a better customer experience or excellent service proposition involving financial services as a component of a larger offering. Embedded finance companies expect to reach an estimated market value of over $ 138 billion in 2026. The success of the embedded solutions shows prominent financial technology market leaders like Klarna, AfterPay, and Affirm that involved these solutions and received a great boost.

Trend #2

Security Number One 

Banking popularity and stability through the ages are clear. But after blockchain came on stage, the payment system grew and faced vulnerability because of some operational risks and suspicious transactions.

Digital secure banking trends nowadays apply to both the side of the client and the company providing the service. So, software development services should think about personal finance protections and create better ways how to avoid crucial risks.

According to the financial market Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020, 47% of companies experience fraud, the total cost of which is estimated at around $42 billion in losses. So, when creating a financial system with blockchain opportunities, it’s necessary to create perfect secure digital banking support to minimize losses or prevent them.

Trend #3

Сashless Transactions

Cashless transactions are going on top especially using mobile banking software. The mobile payment sector is expected to reach a CAGR of 3.66% between 2019-2024. Users can provide constant payments, pay bills, receive transaction reports, manage personal finance, and check account balances.

Such platforms as PayPal, Amazon, Alphabet Inc and created innovations starting to involve cashless mobile payments worldwide. We cannot imagine our life without such functionality, can we?  

Trend #4

Big Data Approach

The most effective user-catching way for fintech software development companies is having data, analysis, and building personalization. The days when out-of-the-box solutions were priorities no longer exist.

Most fintech enterprises use Big Data for all department work improvement starting from new functionality implementation to content creation. 

Big Data pushes to analyze vital user questions to build customer-oriented chatbots and personalized messages. After that audience’s trust in the company is born. 

Trend #4

Lending Risk Management

The biggest fintech software creation challenge is finding ways how to prevent financial loss. In this case, AI and Machine Learning solutions will be more effective in analyzing tendencies, global trends, and world crisis predictions.

After Covid-19, when people stayed at home and needed contactless payments, fintech solutions only grew. It was necessary to build everything quick and adopted mobile apps. What comes next? Nobody knows. The world is fighting with instability and risk management for companies can be the first priority.


Among the problems of fintech in 2022, the lack of technical background among business owners is almost the main one. So, the development of high-quality and secure fintech payment solutions, such as mobile banking apps, which will also have uninterrupted functionality, ultimately requires deep knowledge and solid experience. So, businesses should look for a reliable fintech software development company with profound expertise.
Fintech simplifies financial operations and transactions for consumers and businesses, making them more accessible and affordable. It can also be applied to companies and services that use artificial intelligence, big data, data science and encrypted blockchain technology with fraud detection to facilitate highly secure transactions between the internal network.
The most affected sector is insurance software and its industry. It is also known as Insurtech. Insurance can include everything from life insurance to auto insurance and basic data protection. We can say that insurance startups are very attractive to funding and businessmen on investment platforms.
Ease of transactions for everyone is an advantage when performing transactions using modern digital solutions and will save time, effort, and money. It’s a better choice when we are talking about international payments and online banking necessary for personal finances checking. Banks and fintech will also benefit from high transaction volumes at low operating costs over a short time.
Fintech companies sometimes offer personal loans and provide tenures that are very flexible. Thanks to the flexible loan decision process, fintech is attracting more audiences without significant marketing campaigns than conventional banks and financial companies.

Our Cases

Development of a system for asset display and streamlined financial operations, enhancing client-advisor interactions.
Ensuring business continuity and efficiency through innovative automation solutions for an international network and procurement company.
Ensuring business continuity, imparting crucial expertise, and driving efficiency through innovative automation solution.