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Mechanical Design and Prototyping

By combining your product concept and our experience in product development solutions, INTechHouse can create product prototypes that mimic your intended product. We design chassis based on your requirements and per established constraints and standards. We design and engineer parts using computer-aided design software. We can create products for you using our data processing centre if you don’t have a model yet. 

We have the skills, technology and knowledge to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain products of varied sizes and complexities.

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Key Benefits of Our Mechanical Design and Prototyping

Ability to Create Flexible Team

Our creative mechanical designers can build products you need based on product-specific requirements and international standards. So, you needn’t worry about hiring specialists for the project. We can easily scale the team if necessary.

Customized Design

Our team is happy to create customized mechanical designs for your project or upgrade existing solutions for better performance.

Best Technology Choice

INTechHouse can help to choose an appropriate production technology or find ways to improve existing mechanical design and prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping

Our team can build rapid prototyping for companies if you have specific time limits and need to go to the market faster than competitors. 

Our Mechanical Design Services

INTechHouse always wants to turn your bright and exciting idea into reality. We have extensive expertise and a laboratory to provide state-of-art mechanical design services.

Product Design Services

Our Product Design Services begin from researching and creating the product concept to mechanical design and deep analysis of the product. We select appropriate materials, finishes and colours based on the functionality and the client's requirements while considering our client's budget and time abilities.

Machine Design Services

INTechHouse provides advanced Machine Design Services from 3-D modelling and technical drawings to complex Mechanical Design Projects. We design customized machines, including electronics assembly, high-speed production machines and remote handling systems.

Mechanical Component Design Services

Intechhouse can provide services with mechanical components or find part design solutions for new or existing components based on your product-specific requirements. In our work, we ensure comfortable device and assembly clearances while maintaining good-looking parts. We are ready to work with simple to complex geometries forms.

Tooling & Fixture Development Services

Our great mechanical engineers help you streamline the entire tool and fixture development processes such as tooling design, assembly layout, design, and validation.

7 Crucial Steps in Mechanical Design and Prototyping


We create the specification prepared by our engineer or designer that outlines the requirements, parameters and details for how you should make a part.

It contains all the information and knowledge necessary to communicate what a product should be and how it should work, and it can also include marketing requirements. In other words, it’s the customer’s perspective of what the product should be. That’s why we always make sure that we follow your specifications when designing your product.

Concept Design

In the second stage of the mechanical design process, we create a concept for you and present it to you so that you can give us feedback on what works for your needs and what doesn’t.

For example, when entering the water, boats will usually have a V-shaped hull to glide through smoothly. This hull is designed with Solid Edge software, used by aerospace and mechanical engineering design industries. Afterwards, the model will be created using a laser router which burns into the foam for ease of injection into plastic.

Electronics Integration

Integrating the electronics and mechanical design into the original design from the outset is one of the ways we ensure the project is successful. Once a concept has been developed, the engineers will prepare an Electronic Specification Document that details the product’s functionality, motherboard components, PCB dimensions, and layout inside the product case.

After the electronic hardware design has been completed, we work with our developers to determine whether the cost of mass production is appropriate. From simple gadgets to complex machines and systems that consist of many different components, we can design electronic prototype products of any complexity.

3D Design

We produce designs based on the latest technological advances, such as multilayered PCBs and high-speed designs. Starting from initial hardware design through prototyping to production, our capabilities encompass the entire design flow. Based on specific characteristics, we design customised board-level hardware solutions. CNC milling machines are computerised tools to create three-dimensional shapes from different metals and materials. Using computer-aided design software, we can transfer their concept designs to the CNC milling machine, and the end product can then be milled into a physical object.

Mock-up Prototype (3D prints)

A mock-up prototype is a 3D printed model (SLS, SLA, FDM) that you can use to understand the look, feel and size before it’s produced. 3D printing is becoming a popular method of prototyping machines, parts and devices, as it’s low cost and allows for the design of complex organic parts. The ability to design complex organic shapes can be attributed to today’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. When making 3D printed models for prototyping, there are three development technologies to choose from, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).

Testing and Improvements

After the design process is complete, engineers may find that the individual components don’t fit together perfectly to meet their design specifications.

The engineers will create a new prototype using 3D computer modelling and then test and improve the design to adjust for these changes.


We can perform and supervise the small series production process for your presentations, tests or limited editions. Once the PCB layout is optimized and verified for correct operation, Intechhouse can provide support in supervising the production process with the manufacturer of your choice. Also, if you need mass production for your project with an extensive amount of products, we are happy to advise on proven development subcontractors.

Moreover, you will receive an originally designed product with modern materials to make your business great.

Did you Know

In the USA an average mechanical engineer’s annual salary

is over


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Why Choose Intechhouse for Your Mechanical Design

Our company has a big team of 100+ talents and technical expertise in creating mechanical design and mass production:

Quick response

Faster delivery

Quality service at a cost-effective rate

Focus on your specific core

Compliance with Industrial standards

Research centre with extensive mechanical engineering pool

Full-time support


The most common technologies we use are:
CNC milling machine
Laser router
3D print (SLS, SLA, FDM)
3D print (SolidWorks, SLA, FDM)
Solid Edge
Injection mould design
Rapid prototyping


A prototype is the fully operational version of the engineering solution made with different materials because they cost lower price than the final product version.
The first step is to understand the client’s problem and prepare a detailed statement of what is crucial to development achieving. The experienced vendor knows that the first step should define the aim, need and purpose for the product that will be produced. 

A good mechanical designer should understand the industry standards. Modern mechanical designers can create products and parts through 3D CAD using such packages as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Creo and Inventor.

If you want to find a great talent working with mechanics and powerful techniques, you should think about his/her English language requirements, and the soft and hard skills necessary for a full-time job.

Mechanical design is to design parts, product components, or systems of mechanical nature.

Mechanical engineers design mechanical products, systems and machines. Mechanical designers build technical drawings based on the mechanical engineer’s specifications and plans. Mechanical engineers create products using Math and Physics in order to determine the best solutions for a project.

Mechanical design services are essential because they provide the necessary components and framework to achieve the product’s intended functions. Even if the company creates a wonderful 3D design and looks well, the product and its functions can perform great, too.

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