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We are a Polish IT service and consulting software and hardware development company providing excellent IT nearshoring opportunities.

Our team can help you build your dedicated software development teams and gain business advantages by using the skills of our talented specialists. Create, Improve, and Optimize your software, hardware, and eco solutions development project with Polish expertise and responsible advanced support.

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Sometimes businesses struggle to protect their know-how and the business model against unfair competitive practices and an unclear legal environment. They need someone reliable and trustworthy to start their development or upgrade

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Let us introduce you to Michal Kierul, founder of SofBlue SA and its international department INTechHouse. He knows how to build a company that started like a small family business to one of the most influential partners in Poland and global countries.

“A long time ago, at the very beginning of my INTechHouse way, I set myself the task of uniting talented, responsible people who dream of creating exciting products. Nothing has changed over the years except that my team has grown in numbers. Together we made unique software and hardware products that could change some lives for good.

I know that modern companies looking for a nearshoring partner usually pay attention primarily to the cost. However, my strong advice in the search is to focus on THREE VITAL things – the expertise level, common business values, and comfort in communication. If these puzzles match, you have found your ideal partner in creating something really special.”

Michał Kierul

Benefits of Nearshoring

International companies that decided to nearshore their development processes may benefit from it in several ways:

Extensive Skills and Advanced Expertise

Companies that try to find talent in only one region usually fail because they lack skills in a limited space. If companies decide to start nearshoring, they get access to more unique talents in various industries.

Reduced Cost

Taking advantage of nearshoring, companies get the opportunity to choose the best rates by their skills. Now they should not spend more for the same services if neighbouring countries offer more diverse rates equivalents and create more modern products based on the target needs.

Business Values and Cultural Similarity

Imagine how pleasant cooperation can be when partners have similar business values and cultures. Nearshoring, unlike offshoring, has many advantages in finding common points. You understand each better and agree faster, so the development process will be clear and prompt.

Smooth Processes

Who among us does not dream of every development being smooth? Nowadays, without a high knowledge of English, it will be difficult for international partners to build effective communication, especially if some difficulties or tech stuff need to be fixed. By giving their product overseas, companies may encounter problems with language, incomprehensible accents or expressions not used in European society. When choosing a partner, pay attention to English – we are proud that Poland boasts a high level of language proficiency and specialists who are sometimes rarely distinguished from native speakers.

Why is Poland the best place
for nearshoring/outsourcing?

Poland is one of the top destinations for investors in the CEE region, and one of the leading countries in Europe regarding establishing business operations and software development outsourcing.

  1. High quality of expertise and software development skills confirmed by HackerRank, Clutch, and Raconteur report
  2. Great talent pool reaching 300,000 people – dynamically developing IT market (5 – 10% each year) and relatively low expert rated compared to USA, Canada, Australia, and Eastern Europe.
  3. Impressive English language skills among the TOP 5 CEE countries
  4. Excellent infrastructure fostering nearshore software development outsourcing in the convenient business models (office facilities and roads)
  5. Perfect Location: easily reached by plane or no worries about communication using the Central European Time Zone

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Our Nearshoring Services

INTechHouse is focused on developing high-quality fit regardless of the industry sector and business idea. We’ve got great experience in many industries, so we can provide you with a better decision about a project you need.

IT and Business Consulting Custom Software Development Mobile Application Development Cloud Computing AI and ML Consulting & AI Development R&D Eco Solution and Hardware Centre

Need an urgent consultation? Do you spend much time to no avail? We can help you with specific goals, business operations, and the technical aspects of your product.

Need a custom development? Some projects are strongly recommended to start without MVP (minimal visible project)to achieve strategic business goals. For such clients, custom software with unique features is a must.

Thinking about a mobile app for your product? It’s not a problem for us. With mobile apps, you can gain more attention and provide the best experience to your customers, wherever they are.

Dreaming to boost your business productivity? Here come cloud solutions that prepare for any unexpected changes cause they are effective, changeable, and very adaptive to the business environment. If you are ready to optimize your infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud, that’s the time.

Artificial intelligence is what businesses need to be competitive in the market in the 21st century. INTechHouse is working with AI and ML in many projects, so our expertise and consulting are profound. We know how to implement AI solutions effectively to improve your business operations.

INTechHouse is building popular eco and hardware solutions for different industries. We have many advanced engineers and a laboratory with modern equipment for state-of-the-art research. Having international accreditation, our projects are certified and comply with international standards.