Hardware services / Testing and Certification

Hardware Testing and Certification

With hardware testing, a system must undergo the process to ensure that each component operates correctly and performs according to all possible requirements.

We help you meet all tech and business requirements to get your production through the certification process. We ensure that all aspects of a hardware system go through a complete hardware testing plan at the early design stage.

INTechHouse is excited to open the door to new business opportunities by providing testing needs and certification for various industry standards.

Use these services if:

Key Benefits

Quality Assessment

Our team will evaluate the quality of the product development, test the product for durability, and eliminate all shortcomings for long-term operation.

Air Quality

Our Air Drone is an innovative Polish product designed to facilitate measuring the level of air pollution. The revolutionary AirDron measuring head facilitates the analysis of the air composition and access to the furnaces without direct inspection.

Thanks to AirDron, you can conveniently, quickly and accurately assess the situation, and most importantly, you and your employees can stay aloof from the potentially dangerous gaseous pollutants.

Sensor Calibration

Calibration is an adjustment or set of adjustments performed on a sensor or instrument to make that instrument function as accurately, or error-free, as possible.

Our team will create accurate measurements and provide better control. When proper control is performed, the work process has the best chance of running efficiently, so the business can feel safe.

Reduce Time to Market

Entering the market first is critical for businesses in a highly competitive environment. We understand that in the modern world, the winner is the one who first took a comfortable position and attracted the audience. In our work, we always strive to create product development quickly and efficiently so that the business gets the best chances for growth.

CE Certification

INTechHouse creates products that meet the basic requirements of the EU directives and standards. The CE marking also means that the production is not harmful to the health of its consumers and it’s good for the environment.

Our Testing and Certification Services

Testing and certification hardware make up a significant portion of our solutions. With a highly experienced team of test engineers, we can perform all test elements, from the design analysis to the definition of test requirements, drafting test cases, and generating test reports for all product performance aspects and computer hardware technician certification.

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of global companies often need to replace their hardware due to failures and performance degradation, so they need a reliable hardware vendor to test their mass production.
We perform such essential testing needs and certification services for businesses:

Following Required Standards

Based on current technology and users’ needs, ITS establishes standard hardware and software for users. INTechHouse adheres to these standards to provide the SSA network with a highly profitable, efficient and high-quality computing environment.

We check the production and its capabilities to follow the required standards. While searching, we identify such crucial factors :

  • Providing the highest level of support possible through ITS
  • Managing the costs of acquiring, updating and supporting technology
  • Automating the deployment of group policies to improve service
  • Securing and updating the network at the same time

Finding Hardware Troubleshooting

Systematic approaches are employed to detect, analyse and fix problems with hardware. An initial step in this process is to identify the problem and potential issues that could cause it, leading to the implementation of a solution.

Troubleshooting hardware involves several processes, including:

  • Taking out faulty RAM, hard disks or graphics cards and repairing/ replacing them
  • Getting rid of dust from RAM and video cards’ slots, ports and cooling fans
  • Making sure cables and jumpers are firmly attached to the motherboard
  • Installing or updating device drivers for hardware

This type of hardware repair focuses on identifying and resolving physical and logical problems. We review, diagnose and identify equipment’s technical problems with hardware. Technical support can carry out this process.

Performing Several Test Types

The following testing measures could be used to determine the effectiveness of the system.


Environmental Tests

An appropriate environment has been specially set up for the testing teams to execute test cases. The test environment provides hardware, software and network configuration support for text execution.

Test environments will help provide accurate feedback on the application performance under quality assurance and:

  • Providing you with the necessary setup for executing test cases
  • Can be used to isolate code and verify the behaviour of applications.
  • Analysing that no other activities will affect the results of the tests.
  • Performing in the same manner in both the test and production environments for the testing engineer to be 100% certain it’s true.


Functional Tests

Our team has functional testing to verify the software system against the specifications outlined in the functional requirements. This test aims to identify the functionalities of a specific software program or tool, use appropriate inputs and validate that the output meets the functionality requirements. A quick overview is not enough. Usually, functional testing is done with a black box, and its source code is not taken into account. The application under test functionality is checked, including interfaces, APIs, databases, server communication and security. Automated tests and manual tests can both be performed.


Full-compliance Tests

INTechHouse is conducted a full-compliance test using expensive equipment and following detailed procedures. Accredited laboratories should only do this type of testing. A highly skilled expert performs periodic assessments of our labs to ensure that they perform these highly technical tests. The laboratory’s accreditation ensures that the test performance has been evaluated rigorously.


Pre-compliance Tests

Sometimes, INTechHouse uses ad-hoc testing methods. In the pre-compliance testing process, the test’s method is not restricted. There is no need to adhere to compliance rules during this process. The test methods are not subject to spot-checking. Equipment that can be produced in-house purchased on the used market, or does not meet all standards can be used.

Pre-compliance test methods need to work with enough accuracy and provide enough data to make an engineering judgement about whether a product will pass. The benefit of pre-compliance quality assurance is that the tests can be conducted at any time, modified for EMC compliance and rerun as many times as needed.

A EUT pre-compliance test can assess the risk associated with worst-case configurations and functional specifications of the EUT. From that, the system can be prepared for the formal conformity assessment.

Did you Know

Hardware test engineers have an average $55 salary per hour in the USA. However, you can hire Polish test engineers and receive significant savings without an experience level drop. What do you think?


All hardware products should be satisfied before entering the market. The certification may pertain to various environmental regulations, performance and safety requirements. All industries can have their framework, which makes the process immensely complicated but experienced teams easily avoid them.

INTechHouse has considerable experience in the design, product development process and certification of our products for various regulatory regimes worldwide. The regulatory directives include:

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Product Security

Electrical and Fire Safety

Wireless Certification

Health Safety

Before the launch, our products go through the process of ‘Design for Compliance’, where the design process addresses all the regulatory requirements right from the planning stage.

So, our final product complies with the requirements because our search and development centre is an accredited test lab for formal testing and certification services.


The most common technologies we use are:
Walk-in climate chamber
Spectrum analyser
Logic analysers
High bandwidth MDO
Signal generators
Thermal vision


Testing is needed to ensure that every system component is operating well and that the system is performing following the specific local requirements.
Software testing is done by Quality Assurance (QA) engineers, while hardware testing is often on the engineers’ side who create the product. Hardware must be designed and tested to work over a range of time and environmental conditions. If we talk about software products, we can’t have such strict rules. 

There are four elements to the reliability product definition: 

  • Function and its work
  • Probability of success
  • Duration of work
  • Environment and its effect on usage

Maintainability is related to reliability, as when a product or system fails, there may be a process to restore the product or system to operating condition.

A typical hardware tests process can be like this:

  • Build a comfortable testing environment 
  • Take the hardware into the test and perform the condition needed for the measurement (for example, apply pressure or temperature)
  • Provide some measurements.
  • Analyse the measurement results through one or more pass/fail criteria.