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Staff augmentation Poland

Need to strengthen your team with external software and even hardware development Polish specialists? Nowadays, staff augmentation services are a perfect way to hire a talented developer or IT outsourcing teams with better skills and rates.

You do not need to waste time searching for the one in a limited space or the middle of nowhere. With the help of digital technologies, experienced companies can find anything you need faster than you thought. You receive benefits and are ready to build something precious. Does it sound bad?

Our Staff Augmentation Services

Sometimes software and hardware development go wrong, or you feel someone in the team is missing. The staff augmentation comes when crucial to expanding outsourced software development capabilities rapidly with members of our team that are more skilful or have unique expertise. The main reason to choose a particular staff augmentation provider is the love for their work and great sense of responsibility! As for InTechHouse, our partners usually achieve their business goals faster and build innovative and successful products, so we are becoming best friends and an extensive international family.

Hiring Talents

There are thousands of programmers and individual specialists around. However, how to check they are experienced in the area and provide robust expertise? You could make crucial mistakes, and the process won’t be quick and smooth. To avoid this bad luck, fast the development and take advantage of the support of high-class programming teams or individual Polish professionals, you need to surf into staff augmentation with a long-on-the-market outsourcing provider. As for InTechHouse, we have a mutual learning culture, so you can be sure that our people will create the best possible digital product using the latest technologies. We enjoy the multi-step recruitment process and employ the best in the industries.

Safe and Sound Effect

There are many steps to find the best suitable candidate for the project. However, it takes a long time, much effort and sometimes hundred of inside every human being’s nerves. With InTechHouse, you do not need to feel uncomfortable and spend much money, we find the one with better rates. What’s more -if you try to outsource software development, you get a reduction in the implementation time of new employees due to their extensive experience and faster start of work on the project, which results in streamlining the development process and reducing operating costs.

Focus on Business

There are paper and hiring process formalities some business people want to avoid to focus on the goals and development process. Yes, business matters and sometimes additional paperwork can be exhausting. By reducing the formalities, you can finally focus on what is the key. The development of your business should be a priority, especially in highly competitive industries. With InTechHouse, you can let your company and revenues grow to make the process less formal and more smooth.

Experience and Trust

InTechHouse, as a software and hardware development company for more than two decades of technical expertise, helps companies build modern, scalable, and highly performant business solutions. We are proud that our partners became our friends, and in some cases, they want to start with us after word of mouth.

Why InTechHouse is Better than Anyone Else?

We provide a better staff augmentation service because we can hire not only a software development team but also a hardware one. As you may know, there are few companies that can help you to find all kinds of IT professionals. We can help you to make a staff augmentation model of a collaboration process comfortable and all-inclusive. Our talent pools are:

  • Software Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Embedded Specialists
  • Web Design
  • DevOps
  • QA and Big Data Consulting
  • Project Managers and All Managed Services

If you hire a whole software development team or a hardware one, we will give you a significant discount!

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You Should Count the Benefits
of the Staff Augmentation

If you are still not sure about staff augmentation, we prepare the most crucial advantages that are easy to achieve by choosing this cooperation type.

  1. Money Savings
    Reduce your costs related to recruitment, payroll services, hiring rates, project implementation, and all operating expenses. For international projects, it’s a good chance to get easy success.
  2. Quick Scalability
    Need to extend your team quickly, it’s not a problem anymore. Using augmentation in Poland, you can reduce your IT team at any time, depending on the current needs and business goals.
  3. Specialized Skills
    Feel the skills gap in the area or need something specific with excellent support from your internal staff with? Augmentation in Poland is a chance to enrich your product with best-of-art Polish software developers without getting stressed
It all starts with an idea or a particular problem...
  1. Domain Knowledge
    Feel the skills gap in the area or need something specific with excellent support from your internal staff with? Augmentation in Poland is a chance to enrich your product with best-of-art Polish software developers without getting stressed
  2. Quick Results
    Need help with the quick result and understanding your project assumptions. Our experienced developers’ team can add real value to the product and boost its performance in the market.
  3. Less Responsibility
    Minimalise formalities with HR and employment and focus more on the core business, marketing needs, and funding opportunities.
  4. Agility
    Be more open to a modern cooperation style with an agile approach. Now it’s the time to focus on what is essential at the moment and implement your go-to-market strategy faster.

But what’s next?


Client request

InTechHouse like a software development company starts by hearing you out. You can identify your requirements and goals, or we could help you shape their scope and specifications. Sometimes you think about getting just one expert to the internal team. However, the project scope is required for many specialists or vice versa. InTechHouse will support you on the road to success even from one extra developer needed to entire cross-functional teams.


Our Analysis and Recommendation

After a deep analysis of your goals and requirement, we select professionals who best meet your expectations and blend seamlessly with your team. To ensure you get the best selection, we let you know about all CVS and the experience of the candidates.


Tests and Interviews

We thoroughly check candidates and conduct personal interviews with them. It is crucial that candidates have not only suitable technical skills but also advanced English, can communicate freely with teams, and share values and priorities similar to the customers.



Our company provides comfortable for both sides in onboarding and settling the processes, giving access & arranging workplaces. So, the transition goes smoothly for each new member of the team.



After your final choice, we are ready to kick-start the project. We set up communication channels and introduce your new team to the in-house ones. We can use Jira, Redmine, Slack, or another option chosen to improve profound communication and transparency. We can also provide a Project Manager responsible for team coordination and better reporting.


Smooth Work

Your new experts are working and running toward the desired project goals. We search that your augmented staff can have everything they need, from equipment and internet connection to setting up a friendly workspace.

Our Staff Augmentation Technologies

Software Development

Hardware Development

Mobile App Development

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Why Choose Poland Team Augmentation?

Poland has long been famous for its talents and attractive prices. Businesses receive the most attractive bonuses from cooperation with Polish partners. Pay attention to Poland if you are from:

  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe

Because the Polish time zone is perfect for you!

Think about the Polish market if you are
one of the foreign clients and prefer:

  1. Remote Team Augmentation
  2. Using World Rankings Companies
  3. Highly Cooperative Business Processes
  4. English-speaking cooperation