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System Integration

Wide-scale technology capabilities require small businesses and enterprises to solve complex problems related to system integration. INTechHouse helps companies to cope with various challenges on the way to system integration by connecting various data sources, automating business processes, using complex checked tools, and implementing enterprise patterns.

For over a decade, we have been providing strategy consulting and system integrators to build powerful and robust digital solutions for our clients. We have been named one of the top system integration companies in Poland and Western Europe.

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Systems Integration Advantages

Improving the Efficiency of Business Processes

This is due to the rapid data exchange between different IT systems, while companies save time and resources to obtain necessary software information.

Quick Access to Necessary Resources

Having implemented system integration, the business gets quick access to all necessary resources and is practically deprived of the opportunity to lose sight of any data.

Stable Data Exchange

Now do not worry that some data may be unavailable or lost. Qualified service providers will create a specialized environment that removes obstacles to creating uninterrupted data exchange between various systems and departments within the company.

Complete and Qualitative Analysis 

Having tested the system integration, companies get complete and adequate performance analysis, data analytics, and system reporting ensuring more comfortable access to a broader range of IT services.

System Integration

The systems integration practices of INTechHouse team members help business clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. We build and tailor web and mobile applications to fit the business needs. Our systems integration offerings include: 

Design and Requirements

An initial meeting with a system integrator will typically be the first technology consulting step. You’ll share your ideas about design, requirements and business goals. Understanding what the future software system and its components will do is crucial. To provide your clients with an efficient solution, we’ll ensure that the system is convenient and easy for both staff and clients. It’s not possible to integrate systems in a standard way using the same proven methodologies.

Every company uses many subsystems to accomplish different objectives. Therefore, when looking for the right systems integrator for support, it’s essential to understand all requirements thoroughly.

Solution Integration

INTechHouse analyses your software specifications and expectations to determine its operational feasibility once you’ve listed your business expectations. We’ll then establish the connection between your subsystems. We’ll reduce all possible risks by laying a solid foundation. We’ll develop a strategy that integrates different components to function as a whole and support each other. A blueprint for integrating multiple components normally is created. Seamless business integration of all components is a primary goal of the system integration UK. An effective integration strategy is essential for the success of the integration.

Systems Development

Sometimes some systems need to be created from scratch for the process to work smoothly. Our company has an extensive team of highly qualified, experienced specialists with deep industry experience in creating simple and complex systems, including custom ones, to meet the business needs of small, medium, and large enterprise clients. In addition to the collective experience that we bring to each project, we also apply our best practices to ensure the success of the whole integration.

Verification and Test

Verification and testing take place after the system has been completed. Testing engineers fix different bugs and then test the system again to ensure that you receive an error-free product. Once your software is live, your employees and you can begin using it immediately. 

Program Integration and Management

Following the integration of all the systems, it’s now your turn to improve your organization’s workflow. Ensure your entire team understands how the new solution works so you can take advantage of it. Implementing the new solution may be a long process.

InTechHouse can also help with project management by adding our own project manager who will be aware of all business process stages and a link in communication between the service providers and clients.

Our System Integration Services

As providers of innovative business solutions, we employ cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices. As a system consulting company, our task is to implement and maintain business solutions suited to the project requirements and needs, be cost-effective and perform at the highest possible levels.

Data Migration

Our data migration services include moving data from one system to another or from one system to several methods. In some cases, data migration may be required if the client manages a data warehouse (a large data repository that stores data from various systems simultaneously).

Enterprise Integration Patterns

We apply best practices on systems integrations to avoid typical issues and bring the best value of systems synergy. We use different logical patterns, according to the specific integration challenges, depending on the complex nature of the problems.

Data Synchronization

Data synchronization helps to maintain consistency across a variety of different applications. Using data synchronization is necessary when integrating siloed systems, especially during mergers.

Protocols Integration

Thanks to years of experience, Intechhouse, like a technology consulting company, is equipped with the required skills to tackle integration challenges, both in legacy protocols file-based, SQL, SOAP, and modern approaches REST or GraphQL.

File-based integration occurs when two systems communicate through files representing the original data source and the final data destination. The file-based architecture synchronizes the data with another system by sending a flat or CSV file.

Urgent Digital Help

Sometimes a process lacks one or two components to work effectively. Here InTechHouse comes to the rescue, analyzing the situation and finding a quick solution that can create a real boost for the business process. 

Additionally, customers and citizens have much greater visibility into the end-to-end supply chain. As a result, organizations must ensure the quality integration of their mission-critical systems, from ensuring accuracy and integrity to providing robust security, data protection, and data privacy.

InTechHouse, like a system integration company, has decades of experience in bringing urgent help for systems and software technologies such as integrating critical data integration from traditional sources and emerging ones, such as the Internet of Things, Business Intelligence, and cloud technology.

Apps Integration for Different-Sized Businesses

Integration of applications is usually done through application programming interfaces to ensure that systems can communicate amongst themselves programmatically. To maintain data accuracy, whenever one system is updated, an identical update is immediately made to the other system, ensuring that all employees have access to the most current data (regardless of where the update originated).

Why is System Integration Important?

The systems integration practices of InTechHouse team members help business clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. We build and tailor web and mobile applications to fit the business needs. Our systems integration offerings include: 

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of worldwide companies want to integrate Robotic Process Automation and Business Intelligence into their processes
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of companies returned on investments spent on the introduction of systems
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In 2022, an increase in the number of integrated systems is expected up to:
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*Based on Statista, Panorama 2022, Yahoo. Finance, Elastic. io Researches

Did you Know

Global companies get


revenue growth

after system integration, and up to 40% if they implement robotic process automation.
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Technologies We Use

We use the best technology, approaches, and system integration process to ensure your company will receive all the system integration benefits.
Enterprise Integration Patterns
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Messaging platforms
Transformation tools
Oracle Service Bus
Service-Oriented Architecture
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
REST (Representational State Transfer)
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)


There are four main types of system integration

  • Legacy system integration

  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)

  • Third-party system integration

  • Business-to-business integration

System integration is always connected with adding some physical and virtual components into the system. The physical part can involve various machines, computer hardware, inventory, etc. The virtual part can consist of data stored in databases or software.

Sometimes businesses can face system integration problems. At first, companies should check their cyber security before integration. If a company wants to integrate some system, it will be a good idea to upgrade the product before (sometimes integration can create failures if the product is too weak and unprepared, has problems with security or is too overloaded) or install several programs that are better than one integrated system.

Sometimes system integration is too expensive and can ruin the company’s budget. So, in this case, businesses should consider other managed services alternatives with lower prices.

All fastest growing companies used system integration to make their business better because the competitive advantage for businesses to use system integration is their need to improve productivity and the quality of their operations in terms of client satisfaction and customer loyalty. After the system integration process is done companies reduce their operational cost and speed up information flows. 

Businesses can overcome system integration challenges if they perform such effective tips:

  • Finding innovative solutions delivered high quality services

  • Automating business processes as much as possible

  • Building a system that is easy for testing and bugs found connected with business requirements

  • Choosing multiple, smaller digital solutions over large, more complex ones if it’s not an enterprise company

  • Selecting system integration software with easy changing and maintaining possibilities (it can be ERP solution, Big Data, Cloud services, Data analytics, databases, etc)

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