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INTechHouse has developed custom software development for different-sized companies by combining tech expertise and best niche practice solutions for over 19 years. Our software developers team offers full-cycle software development services to meet all customers’ diverse business needs and the best coding and review rules to ensure your software development process runs smoothly.

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Key Benefits of Choosing INTechHouse as a Software Development Company

Skilled Developers

Our people are our most significant value. Their broad software development experience and goal-oriented attitude make them a striking force for business needs. We have software developers with expertise in different programming languages, including Java, Python, C/C++ to Ruby, and experience with algorithms and Big Data consulting.

Enterprise Software Development

We are ready to offer our assistance to large enterprises that want to create effective automated solutions for their business. The right choice will be to implement a modern technology stack and robust digital solutions such as VR, AI, and ML, provide input to Big Data analytics that helps improve consumer products, attract new partners, create new projects, and enter a new business level.

Efficient Processes and Team Work

We develop transparent and efficient development business processes, providing total product support and constant communication with a managing partner at every stage to get effective feedback and bring our work to its best performance.

Reliable Partner

For more than 19 years, our software development company has created 200+ web and mobile projects using advanced programming languages, technologies, and highly qualified dedicated development teams.

Forward-Looking Digital Transformation

Our top software developers are ready to implement advanced technology solutions like IoT, VR, AI/ML, and so on to create different software development services for startups and enterprise clients in the B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors and open up new specific niches.

Quality Solutions

Our team will be able to find reliable software development solutions for web and mobile apps of any complexity based on the client’s requirements.

Software Product Development

Our software development company builds robust software products for startups, middle-sized companies, and global enterprises. We also provide custom software development for companies that want to go online. We create computer applications that allow users to perform specific tasks. Our software development services in the UK include operating systems that operate devices and control networks. Our software development experts execute software tests to find and fix problems and determine how the software works.

Custom Software Development

  • Creating custom software from scratch; our experienced team will ensure the creation of all the requirements for a new software project, design, documentation, and full support during the software development cycle.
  • Our custom software development services and solutions solve customers’ problems regardless of their form, whether they’re new apps, redesigned websites, or simply new features. After the requirements are established, we design the functionality and appearance of the client’s software.
  • We design, create, deploy and maintain custom software tailored to a specific set of users, organizations, or functions. Custom software development in the United Kingdom targets a narrowly defined set of requirements, according to specific guidelines.
  • There’s a time for custom solutions when you need to exceed existing software tools. We believe that your business model is unique and requires a custom approach. We know how to guide you through the entire software product development lifecycle; our InTechHouse company has years of experience in this area.


Our IoT software development team gives various businesses the tools to improve their user attractiveness, performance, marketing and sales strategies, customer workflows, and overall communications by taking connectivity and device interaction to a modern business-driven level.

Data Analytics

All businesses need a path to revealing actionable insights into their operations, customers, and development products. With the help of proven BA experts, our InTechHouse capitalizing on data can define data-driven solutions for better company performance and growth. 

UI/UX Design

Our software development experts build engaging and interactive UI/UX designs for web and mobile applications to reduce customer churn and promote loyalty and better customer experience. A great UI/UX design turns software solutions into good-quality experiences.

Cloud Computing

As a software company, we can use cloud computing to deliver various services, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software, over the Internet. With cloud-based storage, files can be stored on a remote server and retrieved when needed. Public and private cloud development services are available. Personal services are hosted on a network and provided to specific clients, while public services are available online for a fee.

Software Development Automation

Our team effortlessly automated all possible steps to make code committed to the repository flow efficiently and securely up to the runtime environment. We also use the best available tools for software verification. By integrating DevSecOps into our development and deployment cycles, we can ensure the integrity of software development UK and deployment. We can release high-quality software more quickly. We detect and correct errors in production software faster and more effectively.

Software Maintenance and Support

We provide 24/7 support for all our clients, continuous software performance monitoring, proactive code and performance optimization, new features, up-to-date software integration tools, and fast issue resolution, depending on the business needs.

Our Business Cooperation Types:

Our development company uses two types of business cooperation with the clients: dedicated teams and staff augmentation.

Dedicated teams

We are open to sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients and creating purposeful teams. This is one of the most influential business models when the client receives a ready-made team, usually headed by a project manager and a senior account manager for smaller projects. This flexible model helps to add missing experts temporarily. In any case, we are ready to guide companies through all the intricate paths and provide them with well-trained skills and tools for self-maintenance and software development for web or mobile apps.

Staff Augmentation

If your team lacks a critical player, we are always ready to help and find the right expert for different-sized clients on time. At the same time, businesses should not worry about the onboarding process, testing, and player adaptation. Using the staff augmentation model, our client receives experienced experts for a certain period until their role is fulfilled.


Various Industries We Work with


Banking and Financial Services



Logistics and Transportation

Entertainment and others

Software Development Methodologies We Share


We only focus on the verified practices that provide value and prevent function bloating. Every project requires a different approach, so we practice PMI and Prince when needed.
As a product moves from beginning to end, Agile software development life cycles are composed of stages. Six phases are involved: conception, design, development, implementation, maintenance, and project retirement. As a part of the Agile process, each project step includes a series of iterations to improve the outcome.
Providing knowledge and best practices for managing projects, the PMI knowledge base offers a great deal of information. PMI provides a framework for project management by providing an overview of the phases of a project; initiate, plan, execute, control and close. Frameworks provide a common language among project managers and allow us to determine the stage in which a project is. As a software development company, we start designing, building, and testing as soon as the requirements have been resolved. Finally, integrate it into other projects, and present it to our clients.


This methodology for software development is done in sprints, 2-3-week iterations with identified granular project goals and backlogs. It’s a good idea to follow such practices to test the concept, especially for midsize projects that need custom software development where product requirements cannot be accurately defined.  This methodology is vital for the incremental development of significant complex software to start getting value fast.


This methodology is less popular among development centres but preferable for software support and evolution projects. The work is done in very short Sprints, often daily. Daily meetings are held to discuss progress and priorities on time. The team uses the Kanban Board, representing all project business day activities, responsible people who showed commitment, and further clients’ progress.

Technologies We Work with

As a software development company, investing in our tech stack is one of the critical components to success. We use proven technologies to ensure that our product team has the tools to develop and maintain good core software. This allows us to meet the needs of customers more effectively. The product’s success will be driven by the right tech solutions and the latest technologies, allowing us to build a more flexible product that evolves with customer demands.




Java Script
React JS
Type Script


React JS


Google Cloud Platform



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Poland is on the top of the

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to outsource software development with a perfect rate and specialist quality mix in 2022.
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Each reliable software development company should have such responsibilities as:

  • Building design algorithms and project roadmap

  • Producing clean, efficient code based on project specifications

  • Integrating software components and third-party elements

  • Verifying and deploying programs and their systems

  • Debugging and upgrading existing software

  • Gathering end-user feedback

  • Evaluating cooperation and improving clients’ feedback.

There are lots of criteria in choosing a suitable cooperation partner. We want to define just some necessary options crucial for most of our client companies from the United Kingdom and Polish public sector when they chose us:

  • Getting referrals from known people or companies previous cooperated
  • Discussing everything connected with technologies and coding
  • Checking the company portfolio and work examples
  • Focusing on the better software delivery time with paying attention to the expertise and quality
  • Having a good business communication (joy working included) and the same business values

Software development is always identified with something new and exciting, gaining interesting experience, finding complex solutions, digital transformation and so on. However, for the process to be as smooth as possible, before starting development, companies should be aware of coming risks and difficulties that may arise during development, such as

  • lack of honest and constant communication among company team members
  • poor scheduling and lack of control
  • huge timezones difference in multiple offices
  • weak testing tools

All these aspects must be considered when choosing the right partner for cooperation.

The developers are the ones who write the code and develop the software products. On the other hand, the project managers are responsible for the entire interaction process and updates with the team and the client. Programmers should also work closely with all the company specialists involved in the process, such as the designer, the QA team, and testers.

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