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Embedded Software Development

INTechHouse helps worldwide businesses run their embedded software development, the gamut from the low-level product to the most significant industrial enterprises.

Our embedded software developers have a long successful development history of embedded software with a broad of 10+ years of experience building embedded software for various industries and optimizing existing design and code written by other teams.

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Key Benefits of Creating Embedded Software

Profound Expertise

INTechHouse can promptly offer a solution to any tech or code problem depending on the device’s complexity and customers’ needs. Our teams, with the highest standards of expertise, build software development not just for startups but also for industrial enterprises.

Technological Base

Our software developers with proficiency in such programming languages as C/C++ and embedded systems build, design, and improve embedded software development products including smart home application software, industrial equipment, electronic devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other advanced embedded systems.

Standard Compliance

Our embedded software engineer teams follow quality and security specifications provided by hardware manufacturers to meet international standards and ensure the ultimate safety of the end-user.

Proactive Approach

Our embedded engineers are always endeavouring to find the most suitable tech solutions for our clients. Especially in case of use when the necessary components are hardly available for embedded devices to speed up the development process and help avoid incompatibility issues.

Embedded Software Development Services We Do

We can build and design various embedded software types suitable for different hardware systems using our deep domain experience and immense desire to construct a perfectly soft & hardware blend using a process-oriented approach:

Board Support Packages Development

Our embedded software developers can prepare a Board Support Package (BSP) for your hardware to ease the use of RTOS such as Embedded Linux, FeeRTOS, and Zephyr. Our embedded software development team will provide testing toolchains to revalidation data, diagnose possible hardware faults, and help to add necessary system drivers/libraries and optimize the whole board setup.

Embedded OS and Apps

INTechHouse is actively working with embedded operating systems that facilitate using hardware components and peripherals of a custom device. From bootloaders to the OS kernel, we design embedded software solutions that will get your hardware project up and running in no time.

IoT Apps

We design embedded software that enables sensors to track environmental measurements and different activities like movement, monitor physical processes, check the health and ecological requirements, etc. Having collected all information, our apps can store it in a specific (for example, cloud space), which will help companies use this data for business purposes and help in decision-making.

Firmware and Embedded Software Testing

Software testing is a critical process that can be time-consuming and requires specific technical skills and knowledge. Our developers can help with manual or automated testing and code improvements, so companies feel as comfortable as possible because any testing type can be integrated.

Software Redevelopment

Legacy technologies and faulty products require additional investment and much time for redevelopment. Sometimes it isn't easy to find the right or available part. We are proven experts who can save the company time and find alternatives or help migrate to RTOS for a better efficient process for devices and a time-saving approach.

High-Level System Development

Thanks to our large company of 100 people, our teams have an extensive background in modern back-end and front-end programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, Python, cloud services, and IoT. We can make a target device or integrate your embedded system into the existing enterprise IT landscape or build a desktop, web, or cloud application as a complete full-featured development project.

Did you Know

Companies can save up to 50% of embedded software development time in case of manufacturing or systems failures when an experienced team finds replaceable components for any software parts (for example, integrated memory)! Need help with embedded software?

Our Embedded Software Development Process

As an experienced company in embedded software creation, we understand that each development is a unique process that requires a thorough analysis of the individual requirements. If you want to a developed product from scratch, there are four main steps:



At this stage, the client comes to us with ideas or ready-made requirements, and after discussion, we determine the task range and product specifications. Therefore, better product development is crucial to building a structured product roadmap based on customer needs. Depending on the project complexity, our experts will determine how many specialists should be involved and whether a project manager is needed.


Architectural Design

After communicating with stakeholders, based on the functionality of the future product, our hardware designers and software developers create hardware and software design diagrams to show how the product will function, and how the program will behave.



Whether this product is created from scratch, a simple software solution, or a complex embedded system, our software developers will choose the best solution to make a program dedicated to this device and create a suitable code that works properly. System testing using hardware debuggers is essential at this stage. Our embedded software engineers advise having at least two testers of various professional levels to find and solve the most unexpected and complex system problems.



Our embedded software engineers will prepare the embedded system for operation in the best way, test the functionality after implementation and find a way out of the problem as quickly as possible if it arises. Sometimes, after flashing and running the program, additional requirements arise, but we are always ready to help.

Did you Know

The minimum period for creating a simple embedded software can take as little as 3 months after the analysis if the companies cooperate with a trusted vendor.

Need embedded software?


Firmware is a specific type of software that is programmed on dedicated memory chips. Embedded software development is a mixture of hardware and software that is built for a particular purpose on an embedded device within the context of a more extensive electronic system or machine.
Embedded software development means creating a machine code using specific programming languages such as C/C++ and Python for some modules. Real-time operating systems often are needed when talking about embedded software development.

There are at least five characteristics of an embedded system:

  • Embedded system requires real-time performance.
  • It should have high reliability and security.
  • It can be developed as a real-time operating system.
  • It is often based on an internal memory operation.
  • It is designed for one or more specific software development tasks.

Embedded systems are divided into three categories based on their size:

  • Small-scale embedded systems
  • Medium-scale embedded systems
  • Sophisticated (Enterprise-level) embedded systems


Also, an embedded system can be differentiated based on the types:

  • RTOS
  • Bare-metal
An embedded software engineer needs hard technical skills, hardware and software expertise, and a programming language like C or C++. Moreover, the engineer must have good soft skills for excellent communication and a proactive position crucial in problem-solving software situations.

The most common technologies we use are:

Embedded Linux