Logistics Software

Logistics Software

Modern logistics, supply chains, and transportation are hard to manage without reliable software. INTechHouse develops end-to-end logistics and transportation products that provide superior event processes within the system and improves the management of shipments, orders, and products. If companies need a comprehensive system capable of managing, controlling, analyzing, and automating processes of goods or services, our experts are ready to provide the best solutions in the industry. So, your way will be like an easy journey, regardless of location.

Solve Any Transport and Logistics Challenges You Have 

Business Challenge

Supply Disruptions

Our Solution

Over time, each transport and logistics company faces difficulties in supply channels without a comprehensive solution. Our team is capable of implementing a comprehensive supply chain management solution that manages every process, including orders, dispatch, shipment, storage, receipt of goods, container movement, etc.

Business Challenge

Lack of Real-Time Logistics

Our Solution

Real-time logistics is the best solution for monitoring and improving the quality of transportation services. We can provide a real-time logistics software system to view the current location of the fleet on the map. Having their own mapping ecosystems inside the platform is what modern logistics businesses need. What’s more – it makes easier

  • container tracking
  • delivery tracking
  • fleet optimization
  • real-time transportation management
  • transportation planning with the time bounds, etc.

Business Challenge

Trouble-Free Response

Our Solution

To provide high-quality services for their customers, companies must establish an uninterrupted response to emerging problems. Some problems will accumulate like a snowball. So, our INTechHouse is ready to create the best conditions for avoiding them by creating management support for a rule-based response plan. Interagency response will ensure the right combination of the arrival of people and equipment.

Business Challenge

Inventory Calculations

Our Solution

Without precise calculations and inventory management, some troubles may happen. Reports will show that there is a shortage. As a result, businesses lose because some stocks disappear. How do you prevent some trouble? We can create specific software for inventory and warehouse management software.

Business Challenge

Maintenance Problems

Our Solution

When you have a small company, the troubles are small, too. But when you grow, it can be a disaster. So, the advanced solution is what each big company needs.  For a while, transport and logistic companies can face maintenance problems and need complex solutions to check the repair services including effective registration and management of vehicle services and repairs, preventive maintenance, inspections, etc., and ensuring compliance with country or state legislation. We also support companies with such problems and build some solutions from scratch that helps to easy management of the whole company.

INTechHouse has Expertise in

We offer covers the development of transportation & logistics software, including but not limited to:


Custom logistics and transportation app development


Web application development


Mobile app development

Our Transport and Logistics Software Development Services 

Transport development services provided by INTechHouse are tailored to the specific needs of our global clients. Our advanced services can include out-of-box or customized, business-oriented solutions to help businesses that struggle for saving time and money. 

Supply Chain Management Services

INTechHouse provides supply chain management software to optimize and enhance delivery, decrease expenses, and focus on a business strategy. We have enough experience to create flexible solutions that are effective for profit increase, optimizations, and building transparency.

Inventory Control Software Development Services

We are ready to provide inventory management solutions to reduce the risk of overstocking and stock-outs, increase profitability, and improve sales cycles for our clients. In the 21st century, inventory software is a must when you are a large transport or logistics company with an international flow.

Fleet Management Software Development Services

InTechHouse experts have proven experience in delivering reliable and robust fleet management solutions of any size and complexity.  Our developers can implement any scale and complexity solution to check the fleet. 

Enterprise Software Development

As a reliable business partner, InTechHouse can outsource teams or outstaff a developer for your enterprise projects. Our teams are experienced in building complex enterprise solutions or implementing various third-party logistics integrations. 

Transport Management System 

We can build a management system capable of tracking the different types of transport, planning, or/and optimizing the transportation processes. We are also ready to create versions for web, desktop, or mobile apps if necessary. 

Vehicle and Car Sharing Management Services

We can offer variants for corporate transportation management software and ride-sharing app services. InTechHouse is in close touch with modern trends and knows how to create the best-of-its-kind solutions to reach the top of the market. We also can optimize or upgrade your existing vehicle software, and implement GPS and data collection for easy transportation tracking wherever they are. 

Are you

a transport&logistics company and need some help with software?

Trend #1

Cloud-Based Systems Adoption

Cloud-based services allow transportation scalability and capable resource usage. It helps reach higher profitability and exceed the regular returns of on-premise capabilities. There is no longer a need to be determined by machines because of data availability when it’s necessary.

Trend #2

Visibility and Anti-Theft GPS

Every company needs to know where their transport is in real-time to avoid theft, delivery failure, or accident. Most logistic companies are getting focused on increased visibility, so tracking technologies adoption and adjustment for increased traceability are among the leading driving trends in the transportation industry this year. Anti-Theft GPS, for instance, is a means to receive near real-time locations for entire fleets and separate items in transit.

Trend #3

Self-Driving Trucks

The modern world always creates something new and wonderful the previous year because the market watched self-driving car presentations. Some trucking companies were happy they didn’t need to hire human beings anymore. But still, these cars are still required to be upgraded because they aren’t adaptable for some urban roads, disrespectful drivers, and traffic jams.

However, due to artificial intelligence (AI), an AI-enabled vehicle can correctly evaluate road conditions and learn from how truck drivers behave under «unusual» conditions on the road. The future is coming.

Trend #4

Blockchain in Logistics

Blockchain is something new but predictable. The shipping method needs to be mobile and up-to-date. So, blockchain in logistics opens up the accuracy of performance history records. Now, when you buy, for example, vehicles for the company, everything will be more than transparent because blockchain transactions are immutable, and you can be sure that the information about the truck is trustworthy. This is much easy to control the entire business by having real-time electronic proof.

Another promising application of blockchain in transport is bandwidth monitoring using a web dispatcher dashboard, for example. The cost of transportation depends on the volume of cargo. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can help determine the amount of space occupied by a particular cargo. This data can be used to calculate the cost of delivery. Now logistics service providers can be more accurate in numbers and create superior logistical coordination in terms of money and values.

Trend #5

Drone Delivery

Back in 2016, Amazon did the first drone delivery among courier service providers. Since then, the thought of more comfortable delivery is always in our minds. There are a couple of startups already providing drone delivery agents in some African counties. InTechHouse, like a development company that creates air drones, can build delivery drones, too, and enrich the delivery operations with the help of small intelligent flying machines that take the places you have never imagined.

Trend #6

Targeted Delivery

Today, there is a great demand for targeted delivery of various types of products, ranging from cosmetics to electronic devices and furniture. Users no longer want to waste time on self-removal and prefer to choose comfortable transportation conditions. To provide a better service means to be more competitive. Trucking companies and logistics companies engaged in heavy transportation should consider adding a fleet of small vehicles in order to gain even more customer satisfaction in the market.


Many factors have a crucial impact on this industry:

  • Terminal facilities
  • Type of vehicles
  • Routes and sectional capacity of the transport
  • Transit time
  • Weighbridge
  • Distribution pattern
  • Nature of product

All these factors can influence the software development type, provider choice, and cooperation time. So, before thinking about future cooperation, a good idea to communicate with desired software development partners and show them the preliminary information about the company to make the right final decision.

Transport and logistics have lots of features that are involved in the production, storage, inventory, delivery, and transportation of specific goods or services.

There are many challenges small or midsize businesses with enterprises suffer from:

  • Lack of logistics management software
  • Save costs on the transportation management system
  • Outdated business procedures and logistics operations
  • Poor customer communication hub and customer management
  • Absence of multiple sales channels
  • Relationships with suppliers and project management
  • No reverse logistics
  • Shortage of driver management
  • Lack of carrier management
  • Strict government regulations and standard shipping methods.

The transportation industry focuses on the actual movement of the shipping process in different methods: via ground, water, and/or air. Logistics covers a much broader scope of transport activities including delivery management, inventory management, and the supply chain.

Our Cases

Mazovian Railways and INTechHouse: Advancing Railway Systems since 2018.
We implement Energy Management System based on ADC logger and master data application.
The client asked us to support the international team from Europe and Asia, which has been engaged in a complex system.