Proptech software development

Proptech Software Development

Delivering robust proptech solutions over two decades, INTechHouse is one of the fast-growing proptech software development providers. Our expertise in real estate technology is ready to solve the up-to-date needs and challenges of commercial real estate companies, investors, tenants, landlords, etc. We can plan and create various property management and flexible property maintenance solutions that simplify workflows across numerous real estate functions.

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Business Challenge

SOS-Help for Startups

Our Solution

INTechHouse can help you to avoid challenges when you have only an idea, and it’s necessary to present a real estate website development strategy to the investors ready to fund. We know how important it is to hit deadlines and ship new features consistently. Our professional developers help real proptech companies save the budget and create the best possible product.

Business Challenge

Processes Ready to Scale

Our Solution

Each commercial real estate company knows that property investments build the foundation for long-term success. The same goes for investing in custom software. Making the suitable proptech investment at the right time can differentiate you from your competition in a way that has long-lasting effects.

Business Challenge

Real Estate Market Upgrade

Our Solution

The proptech industry nowadays is highly competitive and requires an up-to-date upgrade to be successful. If you have some old-fashioned features, or there is a necessity to add creativity to your project, let us look inside the problem. We can integrate our product team with your in-house resources to hit deadlines and produce more, faster, and of a higher quality.

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Our Proptech Software Development Services

As an experienced company, we know there are no exact projects and solutions. Some companies need upgrades and some – kind of digital transformation, and some need to build custom software at the very beginning. Knowing the real estate industry well, INTechHouse can offer various profound tech solutions to succeed. Our areas of expertise are:

Real Estate Listing Software

Listing is what users will see when visiting your platform. The listing should be as comfortable as possible, clear, original, and not overloaded with unnecessary information.

Third-party Integrations

Are integrations needed? We will be happy to analyze your needs and offer various integration options to make the product more functional.

Web and Mobile Applications

The world is becoming more dynamic and fast, which means that companies that used to have just a web application want to create a mobile version of their product to be in touch with users using a smartphone or tablet.

Real Estate CRM

Building and implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a good idea when you need to create a stable and effective relationship management system. CRM is a whole set of programs for automating the work of enterprises. Real Estate CRM helps to set up for success and notices failures in time. This is a big step to building strong relations with the clients, knowing their needs, and forming a better customer experience.

Property Management Software

Property management software designed by INTechHouse can help landlords and property managers organize and streamline the business tasks associated with managing rental properties. By implementing property management software, companies will have a screening opportunity and improve marketing and client communication, insurance needs, and even leasing and inspections. Property management software makes rental tasks significantly faster and easier to tackle without stress and money loss. 


Real estate companies should have super security as they interact with real estate professionals and individual clients. Now the real estate industry is always about security comfort whatever it is. Personal data protection, payment systems, transactions, and various confidential information should be a priority decision.

Data Warehousing

Real estate companies need a system used for reporting and data analysis. They will store current and historical data in one single place that is used for creating analytical reports for workers throughout the enterprise. We will help to implement this feature and improve the quality of data collection.

Conversational AI Chatbot

Creating a chatbot will simplify interaction with the audience. It's a good idea when direct communication is preferable for the business. So, implementing chatbot companies will power their audience's trust and product reliability. 

InTechHouse has Expertise in

Property Acquisition, Leasing & Management

InTechHouse teams help to make the right business decision by providing specific proptech software development options like Appraisal, AVM Solutions, Bidding Management, Turnkey Project Management, and Facilities Management. We also provide Rental and Leasing Management, Contract Management, Collections Management, Payment Solutions, and Portfolio Analytics services to our customers. In this case, you receive a high-quality overview and are ready to level your business up.

Real Estate Marketing

InTechHouse understands that a marketing campaign is what the real estate sector needs. We can build custom marketing solutions to provide better marketing automation, property viewing, screening, and even lead generation.

Multiple Markets

InTechHouse offers to use the latest trends and technologies on the Internet, cloud, and mobile devices to help real estate companies get better reporting, advanced analytics, improved workflows, modern user interface, and other advantages in these real estate markets. Companies that service, rent, and design different property types can gain access to extensive knowledge and make business-critical decision-making processes faster and with precision.

Maintenance and Support Services

We know overrunning competitors are the main goal for all real estate companies that want to get benefits and significant boosts. InTechHouse is ready to offer real-time customer support and maintenance services. Our teams will be available to provide a help desk, reporting tools, and other management solutions to help real estate companies with their business ways. 


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Trend #1

AI Security

Most companies in the proptech industry understand that data security is building the highest confidence in the business. It applies not only to customer service but also to property security. Previously, security cameras and surveillance systems were the only way to achieve comfort. But now times have changed.

Now edge and AI are combining to form a comprehensive proptech solution for physical security. It involves using security hardware combined with software. It can be facial recognition and mobile credentials to combat the risk of loss, theft, or copying of cards.

Trend #2

Data-Based Decisions

According to Globe St., 45% of real estate businesses spend at least 15-25% of their time managing and organizing data. In addition, most of them have a specific job position – a strategist or a data manager.

It tells us two things: data is critical. But how it is collected does not always keep up with the times.

There will be a growing demand for proptech solutions that include real-time data for real estate valuation or can integrate with existing solutions to optimize data collection. As soon as real estate entities assess which data is crucial for achieving business goals, they can start investing in appropriate proptech solutions.

Trend #3

Virtual Interactions

The coronavirus pandemic has shown many how virtual reality is saving for the real estate business. You no longer need to spend time viewing the desired visibility, because you can view everything virtually.

Along with virtual reality-like interactions, virtual interfacing with other people will also become increasingly common. The possibility of easy access to virtual communications is currently embedded in the more extensive infrastructure of the building. To replace face-to-face communication, two-way video intercom and video conferencing will play a bigger role in property management and community management.

A two-way video intercom with remote unlocking is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to use this proptech solution today.

Trend #4

Smart Buildings

Transforming real estate properties into smart homes is a new way to increase property development values and attract a new generation of home buyers. Nowadays more than 62% of “Gen-Z” renters consider smart-home tech more vital than such amenities as a gym and convenient parking.

As statistics say, in the following years, household penetration of smart home devices worldwide sits at roughly 44%.

Trend #5

Rental Property Management & Automation Takes Off

Real estate automation is becoming a disruptor in real estate management. 

Thanks to expanding platforms, multi-family property management companies can adapt to property owners’ needs in real time. The boost of automation interest we can see among the search growth is over 800% in half of a decade. An average real estate company can have at least 20% increased revenue after those software implementation types. So, if proptech companies think of being attractive for clients, management and automotive tools are something they should use. 


Proptech refers to the application of information technology and platform economics to the real estate industry. Sometimes property technology overlaps with the financial sphere and may include some booking opportunities.

The proptech industry is extensive and growing each year. Previous 2021 hit a record of investments of over $24 billion.

Being a fast-growing industry, Proptech with the real estate industry has many trends. But the most popular and common-used are

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual property tours and AR technologies
  • IoT projects
  • Automation and building management systems
  • Big data
  • Blockchain
  • Drones.
Companies like Zillow, Zoopla, and Airbnb are the biggest examples of proptech platforms.

Our Cases

We implement Energy Management System based on ADC logger and master data application.
Autonomous device that analyzes the consumption of energy and water in managed facilities.
Master application for the device, enabling cross-sectional and comparative analysis of data coming from many buildings.