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Small Series Production

Limited global companies provide complex small serious product development since most prefer creating streaming mass production.

Our company has the expertise and highly qualified specialists to make custom small production series for startups, and medium and large businesses, if they have started a new project or want to provide their series production for customers. INTechHouse is focused on uniqueness, technology, and individuality, which mass consumer products lack. However, if our clients want to increase the production series in the future, we can provide an experienced subcontractor.

Our engineering teams will create unique products at any difficulty level based on your needs.

Use this Service If

Key Benefits

Rapid Prototyping

Having familiarized with the customer’s requirements, our team can prepare a small amount of ready-to-use devices in a short time.

Prototype Production

Our team is ready to produce a complete product according to the customer’s requirements. In this case, the timing is determined by the product complexity and client expectations.

Prototype Modifications

If the client already has a prototype, then improvements or replacement of individual parts are required, and our team is ready to transform the product into its best small series version.

SecBetter Coordination

The client gets better coordination of the product because the entire team from one side is engaged in the development. So the client receives a better coordination process with direct honest, ongoing communication.

Unique Market Team

With many years of experience, our team specializes in creating small series of products specially developed from scratch and have unique features.

Our Prototype Creation Development Steps

Mechanical Design

Cloud technology operates using a data center. It’s accessed via a virtual server rather than storing information on your phone, computer or tablet. Your data center resources will be stored and protected in these massive data centres connected to virtual servers.

PCB Creation

A printed circuit board, known as PCB, is a specific device used to mechanically maintain tracks and signals and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways.

Electronics Assembly

Electronics assembly is a complex process involving electronic components integration and circuits inside for their specific functions performing. When building a small series product, it’s an essential part of development because it provides the PCB practicality at the heart of electronic gadgets and devices.


At this stage, we are preparing cables for our future small serious products and connecting them to the modules. Our team continues its testing procedures.


The chassis is a kind of framework of an artificial object that supports the prototype in its constriction and functions. At this final stage, our developers must build a good-looking chassis and, if necessary, make some improvements.

Our Developers Say

If companies start testing while doing electronics assembly, they receive significant savings of 75% of the time because they will know the risks early and fix them properly. A helpful idea?


No matter what process management approach the company uses to develop a small series production, it’s vital to have four main steps:

  1. Components and materials selection
  2. Design and prototyping
  3. Project chassis and implementation
  4. Maintenance and ongoing support
Startups and different-sized companies that need some products in a limited version for presentations and a manufacturing test. Some enterprises want to add new components to existing prototypes and improve their systems or materials used for the components.
The main advantage of building limited series prototypes is an opportunity to receive custom small series materials with unique engineering solutions for functional tests and present them to the audience.