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Internet of Things (IoT) Complete Solutions

Implementation of IoT solutions allows companies to build products delivering an outstanding user experience.

Would you like to create an innovative and complex IT solution on time and within the budget? With INTechHouse as your partner, you will get access to extensive know-how and a team that deals with the commercialization of the latest achievements of science and technology daily.

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IoT Advantages

Simple Control

Since IoT creates an integrated environment for all devices involved, monitoring the situation occurring in the workplace becomes simple and convenient.

Accurate Analytics

IoT devices collect all the necessary data and specific information, allowing top managers to make informed and proven decisions.

Improving the Customer Experience 

IoT development helps companies to create robust data flows and increase their analytical potential. Companies need to understand how customers use their products or services. The Internet of Things offers real-time diagnostics to get a more pleasant user experience and reduce customer friction.

Cost Reduction

Companies implementing IoT can see a significant operating cost reduction and downtime. Sensors connected to the Internet of Things can detect potential errors before they affect business processes, processes, or production, saving maintenance costs and avoiding downtime.

Performance Improvement

By linking key business processes, managers can identify ways to improve their work process efficiency and productivity through new process monitoring capabilities. These benefits lead to an increase in both the ROI and income of the company.

Our Complete IoT Projects can be

IoT applications

We are a complete IoT solutions provider focused on the remote accessibility and control of any device. We can assist with electronic component designing and development through embedded software development and a highly scalable integration platform. Our software teams and electrical engineers can offer reliable consultation with endpoint applications and services.

Considering the international growth of IoT, almost everything can be connected to the Internet to bring additional value, control, and information. Electronic engineering advancements in modern-day software can ease productivity and IT automation like intelligent home installation, production equipment, production optimisation, smart wearable, drones, autonomous devices, and many more. To be precise, we, at INTechHouse, are proficient enough to deal with complete IT solutions production stages from idea to final implementation. 

IoT Solutions

Our approach remains full of uniqueness and thought processes to deal with open-end challenges. Every company and department is facing complex problems related to supply chain, environment compliance, procurement, or any other. We figure out innovation opportunities & deliver simplified IT solutions. IntechHouse brings industry-rich complete IT solutions backed with modern-day technologies and practices. Our thought process is to combine the products, services, and resources that can cater solutions to any problematic scenario.

Whatever issue is blocking your power, we are working hard to bring efficient and effective technology-driven IoT solutions. We can play a vital role in bringing transparent business control & hassle-free data management. Our cutting-edge connected hardware and software solutions have helped countless ventures to boost processing and performance standards. We can enhance stability and process predictability with assured competency in diverse verticals.

Impressive IoT Numbers

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of organizations that have introduced IoT have improved their efficiency as a result. 
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business cost saving by the healthcare industry through IoT.
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business cost saving by the healthcare industry through IoT.
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savings of the city of Barcelona thanks to smart lighting.

Our IoT Development Steps


Concept Proof 

It doesn’t matter what stage of IoT creation the business is on, Intechhouse can start our collaboration immediately. We are ready to discuss all systems that would be involved, future communications, and supported activities. Our teams can help prove the concept, validate the idea, or identify and prioritise the use cases that would add the most value to your company.


Roadmap Creation

We create a roadmap that describes all stages of implementation, responsible specialists for each step, and the results at the end and chooses the best tech and business solutions to build a complete IoT product. Without a well-organized roadmap, product success would be in danger.


Architecture Prototype and Design

All IoT projects regardless of their complexity are required well-formulated documentation to streamline the IoT development process. It’s also helpful to save resources and avoid misunderstandings while building. At this stage, we learn more about new projects businesses need business and the devices to be used with the target solution. Our team can design prototypes and build proper software parts and API specifications. If you have some troubles with the design or device with your existing product, we are also ready to fix the bugs and find better solutions.



We can start the development of a fully-featured product or an MVP. It all depends on the business needs, budget, speed, and time-limitation to the market. Anyway, we split the items listed in the project backlog into sprints and begin coding the backend and front ends of your app. We know that security standards should be very high when developing IoT products. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to ensuring data credibility by using private networks that connect to VPN tunnels, encrypt the data, and use advanced solutions to prevent data loss.


Maintenance and Support

During the development process and after the launch our team is ready to provide 24/7 hours of support. We also help companies to introduce a new IoT product and provide full support after the IoT product implementation to be aware that the client’s internal team knows how to work with a new project without upcoming tech pitfalls and communication misunderstandings. 

Did you Know

By 2022, there will be around
18 billion

IoT devices appearing in the market.
Plan to create one more?

Our Advanced IoT Development Services

Creating complex IoT solutions can be challenging if you don’t have extensive experience. However, In tech house with 19 years of experience can offer End-to-End IoT Services to help automate all your business needs fast and with a money-saving approach.

IoT App Development

We at InTechHouse help businesses develop IoT applications for various industries, keep multiple devices connected, and implement a modern tech stack to build in-demand up-to-date products.

IoT Consultancy

To avoid challenges in integrating complete IoT solutions, be aware of every detail before the development, during, and after, InTechHouse provides consultation services from the start of the business to the end with 24/7 support.

IoT Engineering Services

Our experienced IoT developers help businesses validate the idea, create a design, develop a product, and then deploy IoT solutions easily.

IoT Testing Services

Our quality assurance team thoroughly checks your complete IoT ecosystem, defines the best tech integrations, and ensures the best performance of the product.

Technologies we use



IoT solutions development is a mix of hardware and software necessary to create a product. It requires a broad range of skills, including embedded system design, cloud architecture, application enablement, data analytics, security design and back-end system integration (e.g., into ERP/CRM).
IoT solutions are specific software programs that use data captured from connected devices. Some IoT solutions are “point” because they specialise in the data from one type of sensor others integrate multiple sensors to identify a broader range of information.
In 2021 Java, Javascript, Python, Go, Swift and Rust were named the most prominent languages for IoT in the market. 

The company using IoT implementation can avoid such challenges and turn the usage of IoT solutions into significant benefits:

  • ROI challenges – after using IoT solutions, companies can see the ROI growth 
  • Change management challenges – companies analyse upcoming data and put their people at the core to receive better results after communications and improve personal impact and support
  • Cybersecurity challenges – using IoT, companies receive robust and high-level security for their projects.

In 2022, there are many popular IoT apps in demand: 

  • Self-driven cars
  • IoT retail shops
  • Farming equipment
  • Wearables
  • Smart grids
  • Smart drones
  • Smartwatches
  • Industrial Internet
  • Telehealth
The biggest challenge so far is the lack of awareness of IoT devices and solutions. Most customers are simply not aware of the benefits that IoT devices and solutions can provide them. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to highlight significant IoT advantages and market results.

Featured Cases

VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience.
Autonomous device that analyzes the consumption of energy and water in managed facilities.

Automated and secure, electronic registry of samples, reports, and calculations in laboratory.