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Cloud-Based Software Services and Development

Cloud computing is the future that cannot be avoided. The modern world needs cloud solutions because they expand opportunities, increase productivity and take the business to another level.

We can help move business processes and applications to the cloud. Businesses need to maintain their infrastructure; we will help them take advantage of scalable, secure, and highly available services to host their current or future applications.

Using cloud computing services, companies can provide their customers worldwide with sensitive data and resources close to their location. INTechHouse quickly and reliably delivers cloud-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud computing capabilities.

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Key Benefits

Cost Savings

In the modern world, companies spend a lot of money on cloud computing services because they allow businesses to reach unprecedented scalability and achieve the desired level of cost efficiency aligned with the defined business strategy.

Stable Performance

Our main goal is to maximise business value through innovative cloud services. Thus, cloud consulting services at INTechHouse aim at helping clients build sophisticated cloud computing services. It may be SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models or public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Better Scalability

Cloud services help companies when they want to scale up and effectively use internal space, store and move information in large volumes, and have quick and easy access to any sensitive data in virtual servers.

Security Concerns and Availability

Cloud services guarantee strong cloud computing security and data security and provide quick remote access to business processes and data storage.

Quick Updates and Deployments

Deploying features on your app can be achieved in the shortest possible time. Businesses can move away from the restrictions of on-premises architecture and devices using cloud computing development.

Shift-Left Approach to Testing

Our INTechHouse team always involves QA in the development process to clarify and check all cloud-based pitfalls and software requirements to improve the testing process efficiency and overall software quality.

Advanced Automation

We automate cloud computing software integration, testing, and deployment for the high quality of fast releases.

Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge helps our Business Analytics and software developers to understand business needs deeper, find better cloud computing solutions, and reduce re-work and repeatable testing.

Cloud-Based Software Development Principles


Cloud technology operates using a data centre. It’s accessed via a virtual server rather than storing information on your phone, computer or tablet. Your data centre resources will be stored and protected in these massive data centres connected to virtual servers.


The benefits of cloud computing development are that you don’t have to construct and maintain the existing physical infrastructure (such as servers or a data centre) or install any software development tools. A third-party cloud provider offers the technologies and computing power you require.


Cloud-based software development solutions increase the value of your company’s business as the business environment becomes increasingly virtual. As a leading provider of web-based development services, INTechHouse Solutions has extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of cloud-based software development.


Among the cloud-based software services we provide include:

  • Moving a corporate solution from its current PaaS platform to an entirely new cloud platform
  • Developing, testing and deploying corporate solutions on any cloud-based platform
  • Transferring desktop programs to the cloud


With a team of dedicated professionals and extensive expertise, INTechHouse is an expert cloud software development company. With our services, small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises can take advantage of our cloud-based software development solutions to increase their performance and profitability.

Did you Know

More than


of business owners
were satisfied with the results of the implementation of cloud solutions in 2021.

Cloud Computing Business Models

There are three popular business models of cloud-based services on the market:


IaaS is called Infrastructure as a Service and offers services such as pay-as-you-go computing, storage, networking, and virtualization.

Infrastructure as a Service provides cloud infrastructure alternatives to the physical servers, physical hardware, and local environment so companies can skip the expensive investments in on-site resources.

With infrastructure as a service, businesses as cloud users can buy integrations and tools whenever they need them.


PaaS is called Platform as a Service that provides hardware and software tools to develop applications.

Specialists can build cloud apps easily and save a lot of money and time because they don’t need to write complex code. Businesses as cloud users choose a platform as a service when they need to create a unique product with a high level of security in the cloud to shift all responsibility for the project onto the developer’s shoulders.


SaaS is called Software as a Service can be used when businesses want to create simple cloud solutions to show some business data and services and pay a monthly fee for usage. With Software as a service, you don’t need to install and run software applications. Companies can access them from any device using the Internet connection, so a reliable service provider is a must-have.

If businesses choose this type of cloud business model, they receive maintenance, compliance, and security services. SaaS also offers out-of-the-box cloud services that are simple to set up.

Companies save lots of time because the cloud computing installation process is easy and runs within a matter of hours – and they have a product with support for their business activities. It’s all up to the business choice based on personal preferences because there are many cloud providers.

Our Cloud Software Development Services

INTechHouse covers the entire spectrum of cloud development capabilities, helping its clients create a holistic strategy, migrate their applications and workloads to virtualized remote environments or refactor them for a more efficient work process. Before starting any development or migration, we provide deep analysis and create a roadmap which describes each stage of future actions. 

Cloud Discovery and Optimization

Perhaps your company needs to check your cloud solutions, which could become outdated, inefficient or low-security. With our help, you will eliminate all the system shortcomings, identify overprovisioning or underutilized resources and obtain specific recommendations on reducing overall cloud spending.

Cloud Migration

Have you been postponing migration to cloud services for a long time? Perhaps you were afraid of a security breach, were not sure of the effectiveness of the funds spent, or did not have an experienced service provider at hand. With the help of our specialists, your migration to the cloud will be smooth, fast and reliable. Moreover, you can streamline your transition to the cloud by determining the best migration strategy based on your business objectives – IaaS, tokenization of services or a cloud-native approach.

Cloud-Native Development

We’ll help you leverage the benefits of cloud tools offered by AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud providers by introducing cloud awareness from the beginning of the solution design. A cloud-native approach involves a variety of modern software development technologies, such as containers, agile methodologies, CI/CD and DevOps.

Cloud computing services with AWS offer many benefits. Protecting sensitive data, complying with regulations, quantitative, flexible, cost-effective, multiple storage options, Data-centric encryption, auto-scaling, access to data anywhere, and high processing power are Amazon Web Services (AWS) benefits.

Among the services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are presenting such public cloud services as networking, machine learning, big data, storage, the internet of things (IoT), cloud management, security and developer tools.

Unlock the full potential of scalability and flexibility by building and running your serverless apps using a fully managed cloud computing service like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions and databases, among others, Amazon DynamoDB and Azure Cosmos DB.

Did you Know

On average, companies can save 20% on operational costs using cloud-based services

Creating Long-Term Value with Cloud Development Services

Cloud technology operates using data centres. It’s accessed via a virtual server rather than storing information on your phone, computer or tablet. Your data will be stored and protected in these massive data centres connected to virtual servers.

Companies don’t need to construct and maintain the existing physical infrastructure (such as servers or data centres) or install any software development tools because of the many third-party vendors on the market. 

Our company can implement the best cloud services for your application software needs

Cloud Consulting

As an experienced company, INTechHouse starts its development with consulting, helps to choose the most suitable cooperation model, analyses the needs of companies and can make an individual plan. We can help with everything you need to create a high-performance and cost-effective solution.

Cloud Deployment

Companies may need to integrate cloud services for existing applications and configure compatibility with microsystems. Our company can install everything correctly and not fall into a trap.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Our company can choose the best cloud solution, involving both automation specialists and DevOps best practices for the effective organization of cloud services, support of complex cloud infrastructure and optimization of its performance in real-time.

Cloud Maintenance and Support

With industry-standard monitoring tools and BI-enabled analytics, InTechHouse is ready to support the product and actively monitor and support your cloud application to ensure its flawless operation while ensuring product performance and availability. A dedicated team will monitor any functionality issues, performance bottlenecks or other issues in the cloud around the clock and fix them immediately.


Gartner’s “Top Security and Risk Management Trends” report highlighted all trends, referred to as the building blocks of cloud transformation – and the leading one is Cloud Native Security.
Cloud computing services create a virtual environment for project management and software builds, complete with automated testing. Cloud-based products provide improved agility, increased performance, and faster time to market for software development.
Since cloud computing does offer some serious advantages, companies should be aware of cloud vendor reliability and the security of the services. 

There are lots of benefits when a company decided to use cloud computing development:

  • Cost optimization and strong computing power
  • Quick access to the data resources and extensive cloud storage
  • Fast time to market and development speed
  • Flexibility of actions and access to virtual servers
  • Great cloud security and extensive cloud computing resources

It can be hard if the level of the developer’s experience is low. Developing cloud applications can be challenging for those who are new to cloud computing development or have limited experience with cloud-based development.

However, for specialists with domain cloud computing expertise is a relatively easy process.

The main challenge associated with developing cloud-based solutions is understanding the platform and its architecture.

Many cloud apps are worldwide, but the most famous are Salesforce and Google Apps.

Most cloud computing services are a brilliant choice for businesses that need to access their applications and data anywhere in the world.

Technologies we use

Cloud native
Oracle Cloud along with cloud agnostic solutions Kubernetes
VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience.
Autonomous device that analyzes the consumption of energy and water in managed facilities.

Automated and secure, electronic registry of samples, reports, and calculations in laboratory.