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Think of getting reliable software development. Need to stay within budget and receive a high-level product? Want to add some features to your digital product?

We’re ready to help!

With INTechHouse, startups and enterprise companies with complex projects will get a predictable and efficient software production and maintenance process.

Our INTechHouse focuses on avoiding “scope creep” and managing “gold planting” to deliver maximum business value on time and within budget. In addition to the software itself, you will receive a complete production line based on continuous integration and DevOps techniques.

Use this service if:

Our Professional Services

At INtechHouse, we are your trusted partners in navigating the complex world of professional software services. With our expertise, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of technology to drive growth, innovation, and success.

Large-Scale Software Solutions

We create robust large-scale software solutions based on microservice architecture design and business goals.


Our team prefers to work with free and open-source technologies to reduce the cost of customer rates.

Legacy Software Change Management

We are ready to replace outdated elements or make a complete project upgrade for more efficient workflows.

Full Range Development Services

We can provide a full range of development services, including technology integration with specific resources, API design and qualified testing that have great value.

Various Software Creation

Our team helps to create not only a website but also desktop software programs and mobile applications, i.e. fully covering the needs of modern business platforms.

Automated Software QA Testing 

If companies need to get better performance, we are ready to automate testing processes, remove elements that overload the system and get all the internal elements.

Сomplicated Systems Maintenance

Our team tests and helps maintain large-scale and highly complicated systems for various businesses, including large enterprises.


We are ready to implement automatic pipeline configuration and use proven DevOps methodology for the effective organization of creating and updating software products and services.

SaaS and Cloud Applications

Our software developers are working with many ready-made SaaS and cloud solutions for startups and enterprises if they need to create modern cloud computing services and applications with a time-saving approach. 

Multiple Technologies-Driven Solutions

Our software engineers are ready to combine different software technologies to create excellent performance, speed up various business processes and get customer satisfaction.

Software Solution

Finding a reliable software solution or service can be a tiresome task. Since every software comes with its complexity and difficulty, only the software development services company with great experts on board can predict the right choice of technologies and other tools and manner in which it should be developed. INTechHouse can be the ideal choice to get reliable guidance about unpredictable software.

Custom Software Development

Our pool of software engineers and IT experts can help you with the custom software solution offering maximum flexibility, better security, and ease along with catering to specific business needs.

Our software developers can handle all aspects of software development and maintenance. We help you in every phase of creating software – from ideation to implementation. With the means of the agile working methodology, our software professional services can deliver high-quality work within a decent timeline and budget.

We follow a rigorous software development process that has refined planning and analysis, ensuring the maintenance of our quality standards. We can handle the entire custom project from scratch focused on designing, engineering, and support services.

We also can be responsible for management processes with a Project Manager or an Account Manager from our side to launch developed software and scalable solutions with a time-saving approach and create easy delivery.

Digital Upgrade

We are ready to help global and local businesses with upgrading various software types. Our skilled in-house team works with an agile approach while emphasizing collaborative and frequent improvement. Rely on our software experts to get dedicated services with prominent support. 

What about INTechHouse Project Management Services?

At INTechHouse, we understand that effective project management is at the core of successful software development. Our Project Management Services are designed to streamline the development process, ensure project alignment with business goals, and deliver software solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

Our project management consulting

Our experienced project managers take the reins, overseeing every aspect of your software development project. From initial concept and planning to execution, testing, and deployment, we maintain a watchful eye on timelines, budgets, and quality benchmarks using

Clear Communication via Video Calls, emails, and specific tools like Jira, Slack, Teams, etc.

Quality Assurance
Precise Task Management
Cost Efficiency
Continuous Improvement
On-Time Delivery
Risk Mitigation

Partner with INTechHouse for our Project Management Services, and experience the difference that effective project oversight and management can make in achieving your software development goals.


Your project management

Alternatively, if you have an in-house project manager, we can collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring effective coordination and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

INTechHouse Lifecycle Management

INTechHouse Lifecycle Management is our comprehensive approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your software projects. It encompasses every stage, from conception to design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance and optimization. Our goal is to ensure that your software remains robust, secure, and aligned with your evolving business needs throughout its lifecycle. We implement best practices, rigorous testing, and proactive maintenance to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your software solutions.

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Product Types INTechHouse Can Create:

Our development company can create two product types such as an MVP project and a fully-featured product.

MVP Development

We can create a minimal viable product with core features that will satisfy the basic customer and business needs. An MVP has given companies enough understanding of their software development product potential at an early stage and at a lower cost compared to a fully-featured product. Also, we can build an MVP product in the shortest possible time to land on the market quickly.

We can create a fully-featured software development product and implement custom solutions inside. This product will be fully equipped with functionality and tools suitable for a specific industry, but its development will require more time, financial input, and resource costs. However, companies receive a product that does not need to be improved, so it is ready to conquer the digital world.

Software Services we Provide

InTechHouse can Solve such challenges

The systems integration practices of InTechHouse team members help business clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. We build and tailor web and mobile applications to fit business needs. Our systems integration offerings include: 

Clear and Reliable Strategy

Companies that don’t offer a plan and development strategy to set up create significant risks.

We have a predictable model for curating reliable software development from the idea stage to implementation (including delivery).


Performing market research is vital because over 42% of businesses fail due to no market needs.

We are ready to perform market research and competitor analysis to turn a bright idea into a unique value proposition to avoid a bad customer experience.

Risk Management 

It’s risky to trust software development partners that don’t predict technology bugs and security troubles.

Our software professional services have expertise in monitoring project risks and always find the way out, allowing for cost-effective project completion.

High-Quality Code and Bug Fixing

If a code is clear, the development process goes faster and smoother during the business day.

Our software professional services can deliver high-quality code and immediate bug fixing in a decent timeline and budget with an agile working development methodology. 

Burn Rate

If a software development services company doesn’t identify potential development risks, “scope creep” will come along with an inflated budget.

Our team always prioritizes the development scope to create advanced development that ensures effective use and control of the project budget.

Results Delivery

If a software development company involves rich software development services and deep knowledge of the industry, the better cooperation and delivery process. 

Our software development services involve designing, engineering, industry business analysis, supporting, upgrading various software development types, and building better security.

Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation

Businesses know that building powerful dedicated teams is difficult. If the process drags on for months, that’s too long.

Our software development services will be able to hire experts or add some talents in a few weeks.

Constant Support

Despite the different time zones, support and constant communication should not interfere. Companies don’t have to worry about being alone with their product.

Our experts will be in touch 24/7 to provide reliable support.

Did you Know

A proven outsourcing company with specific industry expertise can find developers within two weeks or build a dedicated team in terms of one month to meet all project requirements and business needs.

Need to hire experts?


A software company is a company whose primary products are various software development forms, software technology, distribution, new project development and its continued maintenance and support due to software requirements.

A software development company can offer developers or dedicated teams to design and build custom software applications, frameworks, solutions and tools that help solve problems or achieve specific business outcomes.

It is essential for different types of businesses as software development helps them overrun competitors and become more competitive in their specific niche. Software development can improve the client’s experiences and double the users’ satisfaction, bring more feature-rich and innovative products to market, and make setups more secure, productive, and efficient.
There are four types of software companies that offer programming services, system services, open-source and SaaS applications.
Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, unique functionality or integrations. In contrast to ready-made solutions, custom software development aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements for the industry and takes much more time to perform.
Yes, it’s very important to know how much money completed projects will cost. Sometimes, companies think that development will be cheaper and do not put risks in the budget. This leads to the fact that the project may be closed due to insufficient funding. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct market research yourself and ask your future vendor to evaluate the development project cost.

Sure. Our expertise extends beyond project management. INTechHouse can also develop custom management software tailored to the unique needs of your experts. Whether it’s task tracking, resource allocation, or data analytics, we can create a solution that enhances your team’s efficiency and productivity.

VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience.

Autonomous device that analyzes the consumption of energy and water in managed facilities.

Automated and secure, electronic registry of samples, reports, and calculations at the laboratory.