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Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions

Do you want to turn crucial data into insight with Business Intelligence software?
It will help you make better business decisions and see extensive company growth in the future.

What about our side? INTechHouse helps businesses to make more data-driven decisions. Companies only need to choose a modern approach to data analysis solutions; extract valuable knowledge and information from a large amount of data they already have. We are happy to enrich global businesses by providing access to the actionable business insights hidden in stored data.

As a result, entrepreneurs get real power – valuable information with the help of business intelligence solutions and have a great start at the next company’s level. 

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Key Benefits

Fast and Accurate Reporting

Our specialists find templates or customized reports to monitor KPIs using various data sources, including financial, operations, and sales data. These reports are generated in real-time and use the most relevant data so businesses can act quickly. We know how to make data visually attractive and interactive for your internal and external business users.

360 Degrees Business Insights

Companies can search for employee productivity, income, and department-specific business performance. Using the best BI tools, entrepreneurs and managers know the strengths and weaknesses of the working process. Also, companies find the places of the biggest inefficiency and save their money instead of continuously spending their financial and human resources on unnecessary activity.

Overcoming Competitors

Our team can help in setting up and managing a large amount of data. Most companies need structured data for budgeting, planning, and forecasting to stay ahead of the competition. We provide business intelligence opportunities to track business competitors’ sales and marketing performance and learn how to differentiate, improve and adapt products and services to fast-changing trends

Better Data Quality and Optimization

Our skilled specialists organize everything to take care of collecting all your data, updating and creating quality data will be successful. Using business intelligence software power, companies can aggregate different data sources for a fuller optimized picture of what is happening with their business and future activities.

Finding Out Clients Needs and Increased Satisfaction

Our team with powerful business intelligence software can help companies understand customer behaviours and patterns. Today most companies prefer taking customer reviews and feedback in real-time, and it helps retain customers and reach new quality ones. Different business intelligence tools may also help companies identify buying patterns, which help customer experience employees anticipate needs and deliver better services or products.

Business Intelligence Software Services

Companies can rely on INTechHouse to provide valuable insight into your data. Our expertise in business intelligence will help you develop customized business intelligence software right from the ground up or make modifications to existing software to meet your needs. Business intelligence systems provide access to and use of information so that you can make data-driven decisions.

BI Consulting

Our company provides business intelligence advisory services to guide businesses through the BI implementation or optimization process.

How we can help:

  • Reviewing the existing data management practices.
  • Improving road map using BI implementation
  • Building a concept for BI robust solution, architecture design and technology choice
  • Setting data governance 
  • Having supervision of BI solution cloud migration
  • Adopting user strategy 

BI Implementation

INTechHouse delivers a full-scale business intelligence solution tailored to different business needs.

How we can help:

  • Conducting business intelligence needs analysis

  • Building the concept of BI solution and designing 

  • Setting up data governance

  • Developing the BI solution components 

  • Bringing a quality assurance BI solution 

  • Providing existing data migration

  • Making user training

  • Supporting BI solutions and upgrading

BI as a Service

INTechHouse can provide businesses with AWS or Azure as a service for in-cloud business analysis just on a fee basis.

How we can help:

  • Having predictable pricing for business intelligence services 

  • Providing infrastructure deployment and managing

  • Creating quick access to intelligence insights (our teams can make reports in a few working days) 

BI Support

INTechHouse can help fix business problems connected with existing BI, optimize technology costs and increase business performance.

How we can help:

  • Providing continuous support during the development process and after (including administration support)

  • Editing and optimizing the code using powerful IDEA

  • Adding new data sources

  • Creating new data reports

Business Intelligence Software Solutions

We enable organizations to obtain advanced business intelligence tools to manage their business processes more effectively by providing our business intelligence services. You’ll be able to collect, process, analyze, and manipulate data independently according to your needs.

Data Forecast

Businesses can use predictive analytics capabilities in business intelligence software to make future forecasts. Businesses can analyze various data types using a business intelligence software. It includes third-party, non-structured, and mixed data. 

Data Sharing and Visualization

We make the systems more effective by using highly advanced technologies like Microsoft Power BI. We’re focusing on key elements that make business intelligence systems great. Among business intelligence, visual meaning is the ability to manipulate and visualize data effectively, share actionable business insights with others through collaboration tools, and integrate other systems since a large amount of data will likely arrive in various formats on different platforms.

Data Analysis

Got data and want to start the data analysis? We support you with data analytics tools and processes that you can start simply to extract and visualize data. You can monitor data across your organization using reports and interactive dashboards. You’ll get business intelligence software tools for transforming, analyzing, and visualizing data and our tools let you share information with anyone within seconds.

Data Storage

Got a data warehouse already, but feel that you’re missing something? We’ll help you store data not only for today’s needs but also for future analysis. Our data warehouse services use industry-leading strategies and methodologies tailored to our client’s requirements. Utilizing our expertise and experience in both the warehousing and warehouse management industries.

Data Transformation

Got a Data Lake, but have issues keeping models clean and up to date? We’ll back your transformation to the Data Mesh model, treat data as a product and tackle data governance challenges.

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of employees

feel unhappy or overwhelmed when working with data without business intelligence tools.
So, is it the right time to start?

Main Technologies We Provide

We provide businesses with BI (business intelligence) solutions that enable them to visually understand the data they collect. By understanding these insights, businesses can gain competitive advantages, including identifying and optimizing resources, identifying new customers, and identifying areas of resource inefficiency.

BI Platform

A business intelligence platform (BI) is a tool that can help enterprises build BI solutions by offering functionality in three different areas: analyses, delivery and integrations.  A modern business intelligence platform can make your company’s data more usable whenever implemented correctly.

Our company can help businesses with finding the best possible open-source business intelligence platform or if necessary choose the most functional paid one. Nevertheless, almost all business intelligence platforms can help companies with: 

  • Creating a dashboard that you can customize 
  • Visualizing crucial data
  • Preparing scheduled reports with strict security requirements
  • Monitoring and managing IT data quality
  • Tracking performance based on the key indicators, etc.

What Crucial Elements BI Platforms Must Have

Customized Dashboards

Business intelligence platforms can create customized interactive dashboards, which is one of the most popular features. Modules, charts, and graphs can be created and updated more or less in real-time once they’re created. They can also publish dashboards on separate platforms within the organization. Self-service platforms are available such that everyone has access to data and can perform their analyses, which will help your organization develop an analytical culture.

Intuitive Design

The business intelligence platform companies select can be intuitive, enabling them to explore data visually and providing businesses with visual insights. Companies can also share findings by generating gorgeous data visualizations using your business intelligence platform. With one intuitive interface, you can run multiple analysis methods without going back and forth between different products.

IT-Friendly Analytics

It would be best if you had an IT-friendly tool with advanced analytic features to empower the entire organization. By ensuring the right business intelligence software is implemented, companies can take a business-led, IT-enabled approach to predictive analytics. In this way, IT can create a secure, governed, and compliant environment to ensure data integrity and security while maintaining business flexibility and efficiency.

Advanced Security

Enterprise-ready platforms allow businesses to be agile without sacrificing security or governance. The central objective of business intelligence has always been to make data use more effective. Business intelligence platforms make data more efficient, resulting in a new way to interact.
Looking for a Robust sol?

ETL Tools

The purpose of ETL (extract, transform, and load) tools is to facilitate ETL processes, which include:




CRM Platforms

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, for example, allows all business activities to be carried out through a single interface. This gives a comprehensive view of a business’s performance, and business processes and progresses toward its goals by enabling CRM data to be easily shared between teams.

Data Reporting Software

Data reporting software connects with various databases, gathers information, and analyzes the inputted data in graphs and charts that business users can use to make informed decisions. A business intelligence suite usually contains a tool such as this one. The reporting tools are helpful when making decisions. With detailed insights, you’ll get a clearer picture of your data.

Reporting Engines

You can access a wide range of information through the Reporting Engine, including key stats from your businesses. It provides the operational insight you can use to improve processes. All performance metrics can be accessed through a role-based, interactive dashboard that targets employees, supervisors, and executives with relevant, timely data.

For production reporting, we offer a high-performance, high-scalability report engine. Since it’s incorporated in hundreds of applications worldwide, our high-performance report engine has an extensible JavaScript API. Reporting engines must scale well as their business users’ populations grow and perform well in the constant use of users.

Decision-making is made easier with business intelligence. By providing team members across an organization with reports and data visualizations that present findings from multiple sources. Business intelligence tools make it possible for teams across the organization to access relevant information with no specialized SQL or coding skills required.

The two main types of reporting that we usually consider when leveraging business intelligence tools are ad-hoc reporting and managed reporting.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

For ad-hoc reporting, a new report is run to answer a particular question or dig into a problem. 

Managed Reporting 

In managed reporting, data analysts generate standardized and reusable reports that can be saved and referenced over time by business users.

Key Factors of Successful Reporting Software

By adding these triggers to your business intelligence systems, we can enhance the business intelligence experience. It can send out notifications when specific requirements help business users become aware of when changes have occurred so they can take action. By doing so, organizations can enjoy peace of mind while at the same time reducing incidents and spotting opportunities.

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Data analytics makes decision-making


faster for businesses

Going to speed up?

Storage Platforms

Storage platforms provide a simple and secure way of storing or moving data. Using the storage platforms, anyone and any company can store their files in the cloud, making them available for easy access on any device with an internet connection. You can also use the storage platforms to archive data such as financial records or those compiled for legal purposes, which require long-term storage but don’t require frequent access.

These platforms allow computers, tablets, and smartphones to send and access files from online servers. We make sure that the data is stored on more than one server to ensure that clients can always have access to their data, even if the server goes down or if the data is lost or data gets corrupted.

Crucial Problems Storage Platforms Solve

Business Intelligence Technologies we use

Microsoft Power BI


Business Intelligence consists of such robust services as: 

  • Gathering requirements for Business Intelligence solutions
  • Collecting data from various data sources
  • Transforming, optimizing and sharing data
  • Analyzing data and getting insights
  • Preparing data reporting and visualization materials.

The first generation of BI was born in the late 80s. There were business intelligence tools that appeared to analyse and report on the data. The father of BI was Howard Dresner, founder of the Gartner Grou, who popularised in 1989 the term BI as the spec term to describe “concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems”.

ETL tools simplify data management and enhance data quality by standardizing access, sharing, and storage.

Platforms and organizations that use ETL tools can run more efficiently.

There are three leading business intelligence activities:

  • Data acquisition: the process of gathering, cleaning, and organizing, the business data

  • BI Analysis: the process of creating business intelligence

  • Publish results: the process of delivering business intelligence to the knowledge (can be a report) to the specialists who need it.

Business analytics means taking data and its processing. Companies can get data by analyzing trends, cases and various patterns. After receiving some crucial data, entrepreneurs can easy make business-driven decisions. 

ETL tools can be classified into four categories according to their infrastructure and supporting organization: enterprise-grade, cloud-based, open-source, and custom ETL tools.

The reporting tools appealingly present the data so that the data can be easily understood. By presenting the data visually appealing, these tools improve the readability, value, and accessibility of data.

Performance metrics from many different systems, such as call centre, workforce optimization, customer relationship management, and many more systems.

There are many business analytics software examples on the market. Due to the SimpliLearn research in 2022, there is a top business intelligence tools list:

  1. SAS Business Analytics (SAS BA)

  2. QlikView

  3. Board

  4. Splunk

  5. Sisense

  6. Microstrategy

  7. KNIME

  8. Dundas BI

  9. TIBCO

  10. Tableau Big Data Analytics

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