Oil and gas industry software

Oil and Gas Industry Software

Building business-driven company operations to address oil and gas market dynamics.

Are you looking for innovative ways to reinvent your business to address revenue pressures and new market challenges?

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Solve Any Oil and Gas Business Challenges You Have

Business Challenge

Energy complex companies’ inspection

Our Solution

We are ready to define optimisation principles of production processes and IT solutions covering.

Business Challenge

Design Creation and Technical Projects

Our Solution

Need a more efficient design or feel the lack of tech details inside? Our teams are ready to create state-of-art designs and upgrade tech-related projects.

Business Challenge

High-reliability Devices 

Our Solution

We can make your devices optimized for the high-reliability standards required for oil and gas software products.

Business Challenge

Our Solution

We are prepared to create custom software tools for the oil and gas industry to provide company optimization and resolve any tech and business drops.

Business Challenge

Our Solution

We can change paperwork business processes to a modern, automated, and secure, electronic registry of samples, drag-and-drop reporting, and calculations. INTechHouse being one of the top-rated Polish service companies will change the mechanisms work of building schedules, etc.

Business Challenge

Technical System Support and Maintenance Management Cycles

Our Solution

Feel a lack of tech support? We are prepared to provide continuous tech support for different-level systems. If you need project management services, our company always find better options for your needs and timing.

Business Challenge

Urgent consulting for Your Vertical Market Software Solutions

Our Solution

Feel that something is going wrong? To avoid significant gaps, you need a qualified partner with proven expertise in the oil and gas industry ready to compare vertical market software and choose the golden mean.

Need a complex oil and gas solution?

Our Focused Expertise

Oil and Gas Upstream

INTechHouse can maximise assets, output and profit in the short possible time. As each company need to drive improvements across the entire upstream exploration and production oil and gas life cycle, we help companies enrich their assets, output and profit through advanced technology and deep business expertise. We can help you with production planning with the help of production software.

Oil and Gas Midstream

All companies should protect their assets because it affects their yield. Being long on the market, we've helped oil and gas clients embrace innovation and realise greater efficiency and profitability from modern technologies. Our midstream oil and gas software expertise include supply chains (with marine supply chain), pipeline, and transportation asset management. If necessary we can create intelligent document-processing software.

Oil and Gas Downstream

Are you still thinking about how to transform operations to drive growth and revenue? We can help to boost your processes involved in converting oil and gas into finished products by using innovative technologies and services to solve ever-evolving challenges. We provide a wide range of tech solutions to accelerate results across the entire downstream lifecycle. We can help to check revenue distribution with the help of oil and gas software.


We are ready to change the world using embracing digital to build a society with renewable sources. Many global countries want to be carbon neutral. The following year they will find new smart ways to achieve challenging climate change targets. InTechHouse is going to innovative solutions across the entire value chain of oil and gas, including renewables that are effective to the new world-changing trends.

High-level Business Operations

Being a pro, InTechHouse knows how to help oil and gas companies with their business operations and generate efficiencies, cost savings and revenue growth. We help you create smart operations like

1. an accounting solution (gas accounting software, for example)

2. enterprise resource planning and effective management

3. electronic invoice submission, etc

to improve the customer and employee experience and optimize business processes.

Green Solutions

InTechHouse is ready to change people's lives using green solutions. We can build solutions that minimise harmful effects on the environment in the oil and gas industry. Our teams are born to find better options for how to save to find the most innovative solutions and solve any level problems. We understand that oil development is associated with risks to the ocean and the environment, so taking care of them is the highest priority for companies worried about the world and their reputation.

 Our Oil and Gas Key Operations

Transport development services provided by InTechHouse are tailored to the specific needs of our global clients. Our advanced services can include out-of-box or customized, business-oriented solutions to help businesses that struggle for saving time and money. 

Digital Transformation

We can upgrade your digital value chain to accelerate business outcomes. It’s crucial for company growth and further market success. According to Statista, every year, more executives report that digitization has a high impact on their business. More than 85% say they are evolving their business model as a result of digitization. We can create different digital platforms for your operational processes:

  • 1) web-based software platform
  • 2) cloud-based platform
  • 3) business-critical apps

Internet of Things

We can build any level IoT solution for your gas and oil business to drive new processes and revenue streams, better respond to consumer demands, increase compliance, strengthen security and reduce development costs.

Intelligent Automation

Most businesses feel a lack of customer experience and operational efficiency and need to improve it. InTechHouse, one of the most advanced software vendors, is ready to create robotic process automation using AI or ML, we also can help in implementing the full spectrum of intelligent automation technologies to drive business success.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

All companies need to use advanced insight to push the idea-of improvement to daily activity. We can automate the reports and their mechanisms and implement next-level analytics inside your oil and gas company. InTechHouse can unlock the power of businesses with the help of advanced analytics and reports because meeting evolving business demands quickly is what each company should think.

Cloud Modernization

We are ready to help oil and gas organizations that require business agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences and adapt to continuous change. Nowadays businesses want to feel free wherever they are and accelerate their path through the cloud and hybrid solutions using cloud-based software designed by professional software vendors.

Electronic Devices Creation

Do you need to create a hardware electronic product or optimize it for modern realities? Our team will help you make the best-of-its-kind device with reliable functionality, a high-security level and stable operation.

Oil and Gas Management Solutions

InTechHouse can provide oil and gas businesses with powerful management solutions such as

Resource Management

Asset Performance Management

Equipment Management and Inventory Management

Employee Management Capabilities

Incident Management

Land Management

Service Management and Data Management

Cloud-based Land Management

Performance Management and Task Management

Production Management

InTechHouse can provide project management opportunities if necessary. Your work is just to ask and we will find the best suitable options.

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Trend #1

Internet of Things (IoT)

The oil and gas industry uses the Internet of Things to improve production, optimize equipment, ensure worker safety and monitor remote areas. Imagine smart sensors placed inside wells, ejection prevention devices, and throttle valves that provide real-time data management collection. Using this data, O&G companies can make decisions and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Trend #2

Artificial Intelligence

The oil and gas industry started artificial intelligence not long ago, but this trend is changing the entire industry. It can solve complex problems in extractive, medium and downstream operations. Artificial intelligence-enabled platforms support the decision-making process through the results of predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics. 

Trend #3

Big Data and Analytics

For those ready to optimise production, Bid data and advanced analytics are a kind of fresh air. Day-to-day operations generate large volumes of unstructured data, so big data implementation help analysts extract information from production and productivity data.

Trend #4

Robotics and Automation

People and oil & gas companies always work in harsh conditions, which poses a significant risk to human safety. To eliminate the risk, the industry is adapting to robotics and automation solutions that increase workplace safety and the speed of operations. The latest trend in the industry is robot expectation and geodesy works. 

Trend #5

3D Modelling and Visualization

Imagine how cool it would be if the company could simulate the whole process, find some challenging phases and predict the difficulties. It can be possible to use 3D modelling and high-quality visualisation. 3D modelling simulates the production and injection phases during the reservoir life cycle. Based on this data, oil and gas industry engineers optimise production and operations planning. In addition, 3D modelling and visualisation control costs and risks while increasing the productivity of oil and gas assets.


The oil and gas sector comprises three main software solutions – upstream (exploration and production:), midstream (transportation and processing) and downstream (distribution and sale to end users/customer contact).

The key success factors are the quality of oil and gas reserves and the building replacement strategy.

There are some challenges for the company that they always need to check:

  • Cyberattacks on infrastructure,
  • Inventory control,
  • Drilling and pipelines near national parks and natural gas zones,
  • Environmental impacts in the field operations, such as water, natural habitats, and air quality,
  • Financial power of integrated oil companies and job costing,
  • Impact on climate change,
  • Accurate land asset analysis and asset reliability.

Most analytics agree that peak oil demand will occur by 2030—a slight increase from last year’s estimates. Only 30% think that O&G stocks will take on an increasing role in their portfolios in the next decade, and over 60% of investors are ready to join fossil-fuel investments even though they are harder to predict and analyse their digital transformation.

Our Cases

Building a multinational product, seamlessly blending modern solutions with proven reliability for sustained success and competitiveness.
Crafting specialized PCB solutions for a global US corporation, overcoming subsea challenges.
Developing a cutting-edge software solution for navigating the complexities of thousands of interconnected components.