Healthcare software development

Healthcare Software Development

INTechHouse has a credited history of providing customized IT services to healthcare clients in the healthcare industry. Acting as a healthcare software development company, we deliver advanced web and mobile apps for consulting, treatment, patient accessibility, and medical practice management. Our software engineers can build credible automotive solutions for various healthcare issues.  

Solve Any Healthcare Challenges You Have

Business Challenge

Outdated Apps

Our Solution

Global healthcare organizations are changing with a focus on improving the quality of care delivered, enriching worker productivity, and reducing human error. INTechHouse can upgrade your existing software to the most modern one.

Business Challenge

Absence of Digital Custom Solutions

Our Solution

Some clinics and healthcare organizations don’t have a web or mobile app and work by word of mouth. This approach cannot provide comprehensive, efficient, and transparent processes for healthcare services. We are ready to build a simple or complex solution to push our client to the upper digital level to satisfy the audience. Healthcare providers that are ready to start custom healthcare software development for their old-fashioned businesses already used by a certain audience will be able not only to improve their services but also to increase coverage.

Business Challenge

Problems with Workforce Supply and Distribution

Our Solution

Our software-developed teams know that managing problems in healthcare institutions create a significant client outflow and a queue for doctors or health services. Workforce supply and distribution software helps to better medical professionals’ schedules, checking patient outcomes, and the medical staff management that enriches patient engagement at the end.

Business Challenge

Automated Electronic Health Records

Our Solution

Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare are routine work with medical cards that include many human mistakes. Modern healthcare companies can have mobile or web apps with custom electronic patient records. Our healthcare software development company also can build mobile apps for staff, training tracking, and easy automated staff scheduling. We can implement the IT system and its integration with hospital systems, enabling the implementation of e-Services: EDM processing (electronic medical records), e-registration (appointment booking), and e-orders.

Business Challenge

Lack of Client Comfort

Our Solution

The healthcare industry is not just about medical examination and patient treatment. Our team is concerned about client comfort by creating apps and services for patients to make medical services faster and more convenient.  The creation of specific patient portals will be one of the most effective ideas for healthcare organizations and medical institutions. For medical software development companies the first and the main goal is the audience and its satisfaction with the services, so always think about those who will use your services.

Business Challenge

Ineffective Doctors Support

Our Solution

Without appropriate software and online services, doctors could not access the latest medical advances and healthcare information globally. To avoid such crucial challenges, our developers can help healthcare companies to empower quick and unmistakable decision-making by having specific doctor support solutions.

Business Challenge

Laboratory Software Upgrade and Optimization

Our Solution

Sometimes companies have a necessary goal to stabilise and improve the existing system efficiency. Our software developers can create a better option for highly maintainable source code delivery with extended documentation. The upgrading option is good for saving time and money by providing the following version development of the software, which includes gathered experience and business needs. As a result of this action, operating cash flow can be improved. 

Need consulting services with your medical software development?

Our Healthcare Software Development Services 

Custom Healthcare Software Development and Improvements

We will help you create custom healthcare software products from scratch, implement the missing elements or improve your product. Our custom healthcare software development team pays equal attention to the usability of the software and its compliance with regional and industry standards. In this case, you receive advanced custom healthcare solutions ready to start your productive life.

Integration Healthcare Solutions 

We optimize work processes within the organization and help companies create a highly efficient healthcare business with ready-made solutions, following the electronic patient data exchange standards and international law. Thanks to microservices technology, we can integrate any third-party solution as the next microservice.

Cloud Healthcare Solutions

Our experienced team creates complex cloud-based healthcare software products to order, using in-depth knowledge in the field of cloud-managed healthcare software development, including migration of existing medical software solutions to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or others.

Medical Big Data and Analytics

We develop data collection systems, processing, and returns in a flexible and easy-to-understand interface. Data analysis and insight detection help to provide better care for the organization's budget and improve the business processes.

BI-Solutions for Medical Analysis

We are ready to implement business analytics to obtain high-quality medical data & research and improve the quality of services provided.

Medical Solutions for Doctors and Patients

We understand that modern medicine needs a comprehensive solution that will relieve doctors from unnecessary paperwork and help avoid manual errors. It's also an effective way to receive high-quality patient services and have interactive access to medical information without complex actions.

AR/VR Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Being a progressive team for modern digital solutions development, we can introduce virtual or augmented reality into your products and thus allow you to create the best conditions for medical practice, advanced training courses, or the creation of complex research laboratories. We are open to new offers 24/7.

Drug and Supply Chain Management Solutions

The supply of medicines, the availability of tests from the point of admission to the patient, the receipt of vaccines, and the management of sales chains are hard to cooperate with alone. The modern healthcare sector should build clear software solutions to such kinds of problems. We will help create medical management and supply by implementing the entire spectrum of custom solutions and technological innovations.

INTechHouse has Expertise in Healthcare Apps Development

Transport development services provided by InTechHouse are tailored to the specific needs of our global clients. Our advanced services can include out-of-box or customized, business-oriented solutions to help businesses that struggle for saving time and money. 

Healthcare Web App Development

At InTechHouse, we can build web applications that solve the most complex healthcare problems. Having expertise with the full-flavoured up-to-date technologies, our developers add to the web product value and productivity, optimize the medical workflows and facilitate management processes for the clients and their target audience.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

At InTech House, we can create functional and exciting cross-platforming apps or separate them for iOS and Android. What is necessary to include inside the modern mobile app? The answer is simple: everything that you need. We can add IoT, AI, ML, and VR as good options for specific functionality. Being proven healthcare software development experts, we allow our clients and their audience to enjoy the convenience of having a smartphone working for their health. 

Healthcare CRM

As an experienced healthcare software development company, InTechHouse will help develop and implement cutting-edge transformative solutions like CRM (customer relation management) systems that will help control sales, marketing, and service. Thus, companies will receive automatic regulation of laboratory services, equipment, patient care, drugs or medical recommendations. Healthcare CRM helps marketing automation make it easier to work with the community and brand by supporting the aforementioned sales functions and improving patient experience and levelling up patient engagement by cooperating with the healthcare providers


custom medical software?

Trend #1

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Although it is not something new, however, IoMT in the coming years will grow exponentially. This industry includes many trends in digital healthcare and complex software support with a user-friendly interface, which brings extensive profits.

Trend #2

Smart Implants

In 2022, the healthcare market in the United States and globally will have more options and technologies related to implants created using 3D bioprinting technology, especially for regenerative medicine. Such applications and advanced technologies make it accessible to provide a broad range of patients thanks to new materials and more sophisticated prosthetics methods.

Trend #3

Big Data Integration

The volume of accumulated medical data and the number of data sources is constantly growing. So, businesses will find new ideas for medical practices, and modern platforms for structuring and managing large amounts of patient data are required.

Trend #4

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Creating secure multi-cloud solutions designed to integrate disparate data with healthcare systems and capable of moving significant amounts of data to manage, store and retrieve useful information will become one of the most important business priorities in the medical business today.

Trend #5

Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality

Computer or augmented reality promises enormous improvements not only in medical diagnostics but also in healthcare practice and education, or when it’s necessary to improve the quality of employees.

With the help of virtual reality solutions, a person finds himself in a computer-visualized or fully simulated environment.

Another aspect of this technology is the creation of perfectly compatible virtual copies of real objects called  “digital twins”. This method has no analogues when it is necessary to test the designed medical devices, biocompatible materials, or prostheses.

Trend #6

Modern Disease Prevention Analytics

After the world faced Covid-19, all global forces were on analyzing upcoming medical problems and determining pandemic and epidemiological trends. Massive arrays of health data can be used to allow scientists to discover new correlations between demography, ecology, and many other key factors that may influence the national health status. It can be injected into artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms for analysis and interpretation and provide humanity with medical knowledge to overcome crises such as Covid-19 forced us to face.


Usually, medical companies face problems such as five:

  • reporting
  • management
  • decision making
  • analysis
  • coaching and research of progress or regression

There are several types of software for the medical field:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EHRs) are used to store patient information and medical history online. Compared to paper records, electronic records provide a secure and easily accessible form of storing medical records. By creating this software, medical companies are less likely to lose data or lose them over time.
  • Practice Management Software (PMS) is used to manage clinics. Software with various combinations of functionality is available depending on the needs of the clinic – whether it is appointment planning, billing, or electronic medical records.
  • The Hospital Management System (HMS) is a fully integrated system that can manage all hospital management processes. Clinics use it to track doctor appointments, surgeries, and other procedures.
  • Billing software with the advent of digital accounting, billing software has become the backbone of hospitals and clinics.
  • Telemedicine is a rapidly developing sector, and its popularity is due to its ease of use by doctors and patients. Modern companies also use streaming platforms to create and distribute their services.

We can implement speech recognition, machine learning, gamification, VR, etc.

What factors should be considered when developing healthcare applications?

Many factors significantly affect the development of healthcare applications. We list them in random order.

  • Equipment. The choice of hardware is crucial because it affects the feeling of interacting with the application. Users note that the use of smartphones and plants is significantly different. Smartphone users want to appreciate the speed of slow applications, and tablet users want more information.
  • Data protection. Another factor that should be considered when creating mobile solutions is the patient’s privacy and the protection of his data, tests, diagnoses, and other things.
  • Design. The user interface/UX determines whether your application will succeed or fail. According to research, a simple and functional design attracts more users than a complex and time-consuming one. Statistics also state that users will leave the application after 10 seconds if the design is inconvenient.

The cost of development can be influenced by different factors like

  • technology and its complexity (it is a custom healthcare software development or not)
  • app’s difficulty and functionality (the numbers of software developers are important, too)
  • rates of healthcare software development companies and their development services quality
  • time to the market necessary for healthcare providers
  • customer expectations and priorities.

It’s hard to name the cost of the app. Due to our experience as a medical software development company, it can be a couple of thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our Cases

Exploring how Data Mesh transformed data management for a pharmaceutical leader, enhancing accessibility and security.
Developing a specialized software solution aimed at digitizing laboratory operations, significantly improving efficiency and streamlining workflows in a complex.
Medica Voicebot helps patients who want to quickly reschedule or simply cancel an appointment.