70% EBITDA Growth

Mondi HR App

We helped our client, Mondi, create an HR application that supports occupational health and safety processes.

About client

Mondi is the UK and Austria-based multinational packaging and paper company with over 26,000 specialists on board and representative offices in more than 30 countries. Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from growing wood to converting packaging papers into corrugated packaging, industrial bags, extrusion coatings, and release liners.

Business challenge

Modern companies need a comprehensive solution to their internal needs related to personnel, training, and technical support.
The essential requirement was to

  • build automated and secure app solutions for control and tracking, research, and analytics
  • reduce paperwork and some problems due to human errors and optimize the work process

Team composition

  • Project manager
  • 2 developers
  • Product owner
  • System analyst
  • QA

Our solution

Mondi needed to build an application that provides a complete tool to support HR and occupational safety and health departments, which helps in

  • building the most comfortable conditions for the work of a new employee
  • checking the training before the work starts
  • conducting internal research on employees and their productivity
  • providing recommendations necessary for further improvement of work

The application also helps managers and training specialists to plan, coordinate and provide deadlines for their actions.

For example, one of the tasks of the employees of the Mondi bags labour protection department is to determine the demand and issue suitable work clothes for the workplace in the right size and colour designation. The application allows you to assign appropriate clothing for an employee based on the kit assigned to the position, or individually.

Technology used in project

Operating system: Linux, Database: PostgreSQL, Backend: Python, HTTP server: Gunicorn (Python), Reverse proxy: Nginx

TypeScript (Angular), CSS3, HTML5

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Value we added

We built an app functionality based on a dictionary system. Dictionaries allow the company to customise the contents of each module according to the individual needs of users or the supported production facility. The application also supports the users in preparing the appropriate forms required for the processes specified in the company’s procedures and the forms required by law. With the help of an in-built editor such as MS Word and Libre Office, Mondi can simply add new and modify existing forms.

Mondi reported in May 2022 that its first quarter EBITDA was approximately €460 million, up around 70% compared to the prior year. This performance happened because of strong relationships with the customers and comfortable HR process conditions inside the company.

Future perspective

At the moment, the Mondi HR application combines four factories and makes it easy to find various information about an employee depending on the needs of the request. The application is automatically updated and has a high level of security.

Mondi made progress on their expansionary capital investment program to capture growth across their packaging businesses in structurally growing markets underpinned by demand for eCommerce and sustainable packaging solutions. Mondi’s pipeline currently includes around €1 billion of expansionary projects already approved and continues to consider further capital investment opportunities actively.