BI Transformation in Healthcare

Examining the implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to enhance operational efficiency and patient care at Bieganski Hospital.

Operating Free Cash Flow +34%

laboratory optimization software

Digital Lab Transformation

Developing a specialized software solution aimed at digitizing laboratory operations, significantly improving efficiency and streamlining workflows in a complex

Remote Monitoring for Senior Care

Providing senior care with remote monitoring, ensuring safety and improving lives through health wearables and a 24/7 teleoperational center.

Expertise, Agility, and Delivery Quality solutions within 5 Months

A-Z Tech Initiative: Blending Software, Hardware, Embedded Systems

Up to 30% Savings with Predictive Maintenance

Just 180 Days Needed to Create Complex Civtech Solution

Web App Timetable

Mazovian Railways and INTechHouse: Advancing Railway Systems since 2018.

+34% Growth of Visits

Medical Voicebot

Medica Voicebot helps patients who want to quickly reschedule or simply cancel an appointment.

4% Core Operating Profit Increased

data centralization solution

Data Centralization Solution

Pioneering a healthcare data centralization solution, INTechHouse enhances access and facilitates BI data event analysis with advanced technology.

Data Security Solution

Making a data security solution for software and hardware company devices necessary for data backup and replication.

Workflow Software

Creating a dedicated system which helps to structure the business and accounting processes.

70% EBITDA Growth

Mondi HR App

We helped our client, Mondi, create an HR application that supports occupational health and safety processes.

VR Training System

VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience.

Expense Analyser

Autonomous device that analyzes the consumption of energy and water in managed facilities.

Maritime Service App

On-line application (24/7/265), used for monitoring and recomending repairs/replacements of equipment elements.

Master Data App

Master application for the device, enabling cross-sectional and comparative analysis of data coming from many buildings.