Blockchain in Agricultural Product Trading

Ensuring business continuity and efficiency through innovative automation solutions for an international network and procurement company.

About client

The project, conducted as a research and development initiative by INTechHouse in collaboration with the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBIR), undergoes evaluation by NCBIR experts in terms of implementation and contribution to specific technologies.

Business challenge

The project aimed to develop a system enabling multifaceted quantitative and qualitative analyses related to the implementation of product traceability processes, demand and supply forecasting, service needs, and transaction risks. Unlike other systems, the project introduced a comprehensive distributed system for agricultural product transactions, connecting suppliers with producers and integrating financial, transport-logistics, and product quality research services throughout the supply chain.

Team composition

Our project team comprises professors, doctors, and doctoral students from Bydgoszcz and Wrocław technical universities in the research aspect. In the implementation phase, it includes:

  • Engineers
  • Programmers
  • Product Owner
  • DevOps Engineers

Our solution

The solution involved developing domain ontologies for selected product groups, detailed maps of domain concepts with dependencies and reasoning capabilities. This is a crucial element for the operation of computational intelligence algorithms. As part of theproject, an API interface has been created for data exchange with financial institutions. The API interface offers transaction information for those clients (offeror, buyer) who have indicated in the transaction option the need for factoring services. Through this interface, a financial institution can submit an appropriate offer of its services. Blockchain algorithms were applied and optimized, implemented in JAVA, fully realized on AWS cloud solutions, utilizing NoSQL databases like graph-based (ontology and transaction visualization) Elasticsearch for search and indexing.

Technology used in project

Java, AWS, NoSQL

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Value we added

We optimized the supply chain using blockchain, providing immediate and continuous access to product information. New mechanisms were developed to limit the structure and length of data in the blockchain, addressing both the algorithm and product description aspects.

Future perspective

Commercial deployment in collaboration with the National Centre for Agricultural Support and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate for monitoring product composition is on the horizon, marking a significant stride in the agricultural sector’s technological advancement.