Client-Centric Financial Management System

Development of a system for asset display and streamlined financial operations, enhancing client-advisor interactions.

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About the client

Our client is a prominent player in the financial sector, specializing in brokerage services with a focus on securities trading, especially stocks. Their expertise lies in facilitating seamless transactions in the securities market, providing clients with reliable and efficient brokerage solutions.

Business challenge

In creating an efficient client service platform for seamless financial operations, our approach included integrating Open Banking, leveraging the PSD2 directive. While not the central focus, this integration was a significant aspect, enabling secure and efficient financial data sharing. Additionally, the system supported compliance with MIFID regulations, further enhancing its capacity to meet stringent financial industry standards. These features aimed to simplify financial management for clients, making it more transparent and user-friendly, with integrated data access improving the overall financial experience.

Team composition

  • Business Analytic
  • UX Graphic Designer
  • System Analytic

Our solution

We created a comprehensive system designed to display client assets and streamline financial operations. This system features a user panel for generating broker orders, creating deposits, and conducting various banking operations, including cyclical or conditional transactions. It integrates data from various external financial systems, providing clients with a robust asset management tool. This interface also enhances communication between clients and financial advisors, simplifying the process of making informed financial decisions and effectively managing securities.

/technologies/ used in this project

Our task was to create a system’s concept, focusing on UX best practices, using advanced modeling tools instead of a typical tech stack. Utilized: Adobe, Bizagi, Enterprise Architect (system part), MS Office

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Value we added

By creating an intuitive and integrated system, we significantly improved financial and communication processes. Our solution not only facilitated easier management of financial assets but also enhanced the communication flow between clients and their financial advisors, contributing to a better overall client experience.

Future perspective