Hospital Information System

Implementing a medical system with some specific hospital e-Services.

About client

Our client is the two largest high-specialty medical facilities with an over-regional span of influence (Antoni Jurasz University Hospital and Jan Biziel University Hospital), where the Health Ministry is a project leader. Both hospital organizational structures consist of 43 departments and units, diagnostic divisions, and Specialist Outpatient Clinic Complex. Our hospitals annually admit over 70 000 patients and provide more than 385 000 specialist consultations.

Business challenge

The subject of the contract was the development, and implementation of the IT system and its integration with hospital systems, enabling the implementation of e-Services:

  • EDM processing
  • e-registration
  • e-orders

The project included the implementation of electronic medical documentation processing, launching new e-services for patients, as well as integration with the IT system (HIS), which runs in hospitals by the requirements of the Act on the information system in health care, and the exchange of data with e-services for patients.

We needed to integrate the implemented e-services with the hospital system: HIS, LIS, and RIS.

Team composition

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business analysts
  • System analysts
  • Software developers
  • Security specialists,
  • QA testers
  • Project managers

Our solution

Development, implementation of IT system, and its integration with hospital systems, enabling the implementation of e-Services:

  • EDM processing (electronic medical records)
  • e-registration (appointment booking)
  • e-orders,

We provided integration of data exchange of the delivered software with the hospital’s IT system (HIS system) and other source systems.

Implemented e-services make it easier for patients to access medical consultations. In the web portal, our client can book and review his appointments and read summaries of his visits.

The system provides the ability to search and view medical events and medical documents indexed in P1 produced by other entities.

The systems are compatible with the latest data exchange standards, such as HL7CDA

The system provides the creation, modification, preview, cancellation, and exchange of medical documentation in PIK HL7 CDA and DICOM format.

The system has an EDM repository that allows storing medical records and sharing documentation with external entities by XDS.b. The system supports verifications of access to documents indexed in P1 and document sharing.

Our applications with an intuitive interface ensure ease of use and allow for quick training of staff.

Technology used in project

Python, PostgreSQL, Angular, Nginx, data storage

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Value we added

The most important value we added was keeping and archiving electronic medical records in an integrated EDM solution following applicable laws and regulations. We created centralized access to documents from various systems to enable efficient collection and processing of medical data, creating a safe, complete document archive.

It made it possible to remote scheduling of patient visits. The patients can register, make an appointment and complete their details.

The e-orders system transfers orders for execution by a subcontractor in the PIK HL7 CDA, HL7, and DICOM format. They are appropriate for a given document by the requirements set in legal regulations. The module supports specialized laboratories that allow outsourcing tests and recording results depending on the type of study.

Thanks to the implementation of e-services, the hospital will improve communication with patients and subcontractors. Patients have access to electronic registration and can access medical documents more quickly.

The system enables the quick exchange of up-to-date information between the facility, patients, and subcontractors. It also provides access to a patient’s medical history all day long and eliminates the need for time-consuming paper documentation.

Our solution saves time for patients and healthcare professionals.

Future perspective

We plan to create new solutions and e-services in cooperation with the hospital.