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data centralization solution

Data Centralization Solution

Creating a robust data centralization solution.

About client

It is a company of professionals and healthcare enthusiasts ready to serve millions of users. They are engaged not only in the development of effective products that improve life but also in full-fledged health research. The company was formed quite a long time ago and gradually grew to a corporation with several thousand people on board.

Business challenge

Our goal was to create an effective solution for data centralization on various events.

Team composition

Solution Architect

IoT specialist

2 Software Developers.

Our solution

Design and construction of IoT devices collecting and saving information about events in a central database. In this case, internal employees can have easy and streamlined access to different information they need with high-level external protection. 

Technology used in project

Python, AWK Serverless architecture, CDK, AWS.

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Value we added

We added a specific feature that enables BI data event analysis ability, which was impossible before. 

Future perspective

We are working on the joint development of algorithms and management logic in an automated manner based on the collected data.