Redefining Aerospace Electronics

Crafting versatile programmable devices to redefine launches and elevate possibilities for a cutting-edge French aerospace entity.

About client

A pioneering aerospace entity based in France, focusing on cutting-edge light launcher projects in Europe since 2020. Committed to innovation and tailored experiences for aerospace missions.

Business challenge

Our client sought a programmable device for aerospace vehicles, balancing manufacturability, low weight, and customizability. The challenge lay in creating a solution versatile enough for varied requirements while ensuring reliability in harsh space conditions.

Team composition

  • Electronic Engineers
  • Programmable Logic Designer
  • Power Electronics Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Our solution

In the pursuit of crafting cutting-edge aerospace electronics, we implemented a strategic approach, employing advanced technologies to meet the unique challenges posed by our client’s requirements:
1. Compact Design: Leveraged multiplayer PCB and High-Density Interconnect (HDI) technology to ensure a streamlined and compact solution.
2. Versatile Building Block: Implemented an FPGA-enabled System-on-Chip (SoC) as the primary component, offering unparalleled flexibility for future modifications, encompassing both software and logic restructuring.
3. Efficient Power Management: Integrated a sophisticated Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) to optimize power consumption and enhance overall energy efficiency.
4. Protective Enclosure: Designed a robust and rigid enclosure, ensuring the safeguarding of the PCB and all integrated components from external environmental factors.

Technology used in project

FPGA, Altium Designer, LTspice, Vivado

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Value we added

Our solution’s configurable logic and CPU in one package provided unparalleled versatility without compromising real-time performance crucial in aerospace. The integration of high-reliability components instilled confidence in mission success.

Future perspective

The ongoing collaboration foresees a spectrum of digital electronics projects, showcasing our commitment to long-term cooperation and steadfast support in advancing aerospace technology.

Case study

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