ProNatura Waste Management Data System

Serverless waste collection data processing system for all buildings in the city. With input data correction algorithms.

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About the client

ProNatura is a Polish waste disposal company headquartered in Bydgoszcz. The company is engaged in the installation of thermal devices for the processing of household income. They are always thinking about ecology.

Business challenge

Publication of information on the waste collection schedule in two information channels: web and print. The challenge in this project was an inconsistent source of data partly manually edited, that had to be automatically fixed by software.

Team composition

3 developers, solution architect, DevOps Cloud engineer, solution architect.

Our solution

The developed software has a number of functions that correct the imported data. In addition, the function of correcting individual dates in the calendar has been made available. Information about the schedule for individual addresses in the city is available both via the website and the module of wholesale cooperation with the printing house. Everything is hosted in the AWS cloud.

/technologies/ used in this project

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Value we added

The previous solution based on direct integration with the database contained many errors that were solved by the corrective algorithms in the new solution. In addition, the optimization of the number of printed schedules resulted in a reduction in printing costs.

Future perspective