About client

The Expert Water Analysis System is tailored for water utility companies, benefiting water meter owners, enterprises, residential communities, and billing professionals. It aims to optimize water usage monitoring and billing, catering to the evolving needs of entities seeking efficient water management solutions.

Business challenge

The primary challenge stemmed from the delay in notifications from traditional water monitoring systems, which often alerted to issues with a one-day lag. The Expert Water Analysis System addresses this by swiftly detecting and reporting problems within 15 to 30 minutes, and occasionally within an hour, thereby minimizing the impact of common water system issues such as undetected leaks, pipe bursts, blockages, water theft, and inefficient water usage. Additionally, there was a challenge in collecting high-resolution data on water flows and pressures.

Team composition

Water Utility Employees R&D Manager Tech Lead Solution Architect Electronic Engineer Embedded Software Developer Backend Developer Frontend Developer QA Specialist UX Designer Data Scientist

Our solution

The Expert Water Analysis System is a technologically advanced solution designed to analyze and manage water consumption in water supply systems. It leverages technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor, analyze, and optimize water flow and usage, thereby addressing the critical needs of modern water utility management.

The system comprises two main components: water meter overlays and server software.
• Water Meter Overlays: Compatible with most market-available water meter models, these overlays register detailed water usage data and analyze it using AI algorithms for autonomous anomaly detection. • Server Software: Operating within a client-server structure, this software conducts various analyses, including historical, cross-sectional, comparative, optimization, and predictive analyses for individual water meters. The system features a unified control panel for both water utility services and end-users to view consumption data and configure alarms.

Technology used in project

C, MicroPython, Java, Kotlin, MongoDB, React, Redux (Redux Toolkit, RTK Query), Chart.js, React Leaflet, TypeScript, Unit Tests, PWA, RWD

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Value we added

The system not only offers a rapid response to water system issues but also makes a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. Key benefits include:

  • Stable Water Pressure
  • Real-Time Water Consumption Monitoring
  • Leak Detection Alerts
  • Support in Rationalizing Water Usage
  • Balancing Water Distribution Zones: This involves comparing the amount of water entering a zone (district) with the amount used by consumers to ensure consistency and accuracy.


Environmental Impact:

  • Significant Reduction in Clean Water Loss
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Building Consumer Awareness
  • Promoting Rational Water Use

These advantages not only enhance operational efficiency for water utility companies but also foster a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to water management.

Future perspective

Moving forward, the focus will be on commercializing the system and expanding its capabilities for broader utility management frameworks. This case study exemplifies the effective use of IoT and machine learning in water utility management, showcasing our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and sustainability.