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laboratory optimization software

Digital Lab Transformation

Developing a specialized software solution aimed at digitizing laboratory operations, significantly improving efficiency and streamlining workflows in a complex

About client

Our client is a multinational healthcare company, operating in multiple countries and serving millions of clients. As a leading brand in the healthcare sector, the company is renowned for its substantial revenue and global presence.

Business challenge

The laboratory network, spread across several buildings and geographic locations, faced a complex set of challenges. Each site, equipped with multiple rooms and adhering to strict safety procedures, was crucial in preventing contamination of research materials. Key among these challenges was the management and monitoring of sophisticated diagnostic equipment across different locations. The problematic aspect involved not just entering individual labs but also overseeing multi-hour processes in various sites while adhering to stringent safety protocols. Failure to effectively monitor these processes could result in significant errors.

Another major challenge was the need to digitize the entire laboratory network to streamline operations across all locations. This was essential for increasing efficiency, saving time, and maintaining a comprehensive historical data record. Non-digitalized laboratories, especially those spread over multiple sites, face issues like inefficient workflow, data management difficulties, and limited capabilities for real-time monitoring. The geographical spread of the laboratory network added layers of complexity to these challenges, making the need for an integrated digital solution even more critical.

Team composition

System Analyst

Data analyst

Security specialist

2 DevOps engineers

5 Software Developers

Our solution

We provided a set of digital tools to diagnose areas for optimization and implemented several solutions:

  • Remote Process Monitoring: Developed an application for remote monitoring of laboratory processes, eliminating the need for physical entry and adherence to protective procedures.
  • Data Collection from Diagnostic Tools: Implemented a system for gathering information from diagnostic tools, providing historical insights into processes and conclusions.
  • Electronic Instrument Reservation System: Created an electronic system for reserving instruments, enhancing the visibility of equipment availability.
  • Electronic Operational Log: Transitioned from a paper-based to an electronic log for recording all medical diagnostic events and maintenance work.

Technology used in project

AWS Serverless architecture, React.js, GraphQL, AWS AppSync, AWS Cognito, DynamoDB, Terraform, Gitlab pipelines, Node.js

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Value we added

Our solution provided numerous benefits:

  • Historical Data Collection: Enabled the collection and analysis of historical data for process improvements.
  • Remote Access and Monitoring: Facilitated remote monitoring of laboratory processes and equipment reservations.
  • Time Savings and Efficiency: Streamlined workflow and planning, improving efficiency and reducing time spent on manual tasks.
  • Improved Service Delivery: Enhanced the timeliness of service delivery and management of equipment availability.
  • Product Improvement Insights: Data-driven insights led to better decision-making and equipment improvements.

Future perspective

Moving forward, we plan to further enhance the laboratory management system by adding more devices and expanding into other business areas. Our focus will be on developing engaging software features and improving laboratory operations.

This case study demonstrates our capability to deliver tailored digital solutions that address the unique challenges of a laboratory environment, leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved operational effectiveness.