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VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience.

About client

A company represented educational sector, which provides specialized OHS training for power engineers. It plans to sell services based on our solution on the European markets.

Business challenge

Work as a power engineer means exposure to particular risks, including work on electrical pole, on basket elevator or in medium and high voltage switching stations.
Typical learning in a training room does not prepare power engineers for real dangers. There is a need to create training system based on virtual reality in order to increase the effectiveness of the training and identify people without predispositions.

Team composition

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Programmer .Net (Web interface)
  • Unity programmer (VR)
  • Programmer C++ (electronic controllers)
  • Automation engineer
  • Mechanic constructor (dedicated cases)

Our solution

Our solution is VR training system including additional elements to enhance the real-world experience like:
– controlled wind blast,
– safety vest with vibration mechanics (signaling a trainee’s mistake),
– basket elevator’s simulator with movement in two axes and pneumatic actuator.
The trainee’s reaction is monitored by a heart monitor.
The project includes three scenarios: working on a high voltage pole/basket elewator and activities in a medium voltage switching station.

Technology used in project

.Net c++

.Net – web application, C++ – aplication for data acquisition, Unity – VR, Pneumatic control, 3D printer – case prototyping

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Value we added

VR technology makes it possible to provide real-world training through virtual environments while providing an effective and immersive training experience. Our system supports learning process and reduces serious accidents during the work of power engineers.

Future perspective

-Further training scenarios
-Creating VR based trainings for other industries

Case study

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