About client

Our esteemed client, Mazovian Railways, stands as one of the largest and busiest railway carriers. From 2018 to 2022, we diligently maintained their existing infrastructure, and in October 2022, a brand-new system was launched. Our partnership spans nearly a decade, collaborating on various projects throughout this time.

Business challenge

The challenge was to ensure the website’s continuous availability while promptly updating data to align with customer changes. Meeting the demand meant making the service work efficiently, even during high traffic periods, repairs, failures, and train delays. Infrastructure maintenance involved creating more than standard backups in two distinct locations.

Team composition

  • Full-stack Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • DevOps Specialist
  • Infrastructure Administrator
  • Project Manager

Our solution

To ensure round-the-clock performance, we implemented a load balancer and a high-availability cluster (HA). Data was safeguarded with distributed backups. Furthermore, a dedicated email address was set up for the client to streamline the reporting process, ensuring swift responses according to the client’s expectations. Continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure and its availability was established.

Technology used in project

PHP, SQL, Redhat (Linux), VMware (HA), Nginx

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Value we added

Our efforts resulted in a significant performance boost, enabling the site to handle a large volume of users simultaneously while providing up-to-date information. The impact of external factors on data loss was minimized. We introduced test environments for thorough testing before implementing significant changes, ensuring system compatibility.

The site is built on new technologies designed for long-term support to prevent limitations in introducing future changes.

Future perspective

Our collaboration remains fruitful, as we continue to work on further optimization and service development while exploring new projects.