Special Hardware Solution

Crafting specialized PCB solutions for a global US corporation, overcoming subsea challenges.

About client

Our client is an internationally recognized US corporation with headquarters in multiple European countries.

Business challenge

INTechHouse has been developing specific PCB solutions. PCB is a flat board made of FR-4, an epoxy laminate material, on which electronic components are mounted and connected by copper wires.

Even though some of the projects seemed to be straightforward, further analysis indicated many challenges. This is primarily due to the environment in which these devices will operate for several decades, hence where the requirements that every PCB board has to meet come from. For example, in the prototype manufacturing process, we have to meet the IPC Class 3 standard, which is difficult to achieve especially in small batches. Additionally in the design process, we need to consider criteria from many areas around the Earth because of the locations where these devices could be used. The parameters of the PCB like stack up, thickness and surface finish technology were also unusual, which meant that very few of our subcontractors undertook the work.

It was necessary to create a PCB solution in the hardware development process because it serves as a backbone for the entire electronic system.

To create the best-in-class PCB solution, our team focused on the following:

  • Design: we know that a well-designed PCB can help to reduce manufacturing costs and improve overall system performance. So, we carefully considered the layout, trace routing, and component placement.
  • Material selection: Materials are vital in terms of ensuring reliability and performance. We decided to choose industrial grade or better components because it has the best options for operating temperature range, reliability, and mechanical strength should all be considered.
  • Testing and validation: We provided testing and validating the PCB design to ensure it meets the required performance and reliability standards.
  • Collaboration: Successful PCB design requires close collaboration between engineers, designers, and manufacturers. Our team worked hard and had effective communication and collaboration that helped us can help to ensure the design met the business’s needs and requirements.

Team composition

  • Power Electronics Expert
  • Power Electronics Designers
  • Test Engineers
  • Project Manager

Our solution

Our client chose the PCB solutions creation because they provide a cost-effective and reliable way to connect and organize electronic components. PCBs help to avoid several challenges in hardware development, including:

  • Space constraints: PCBs allow for electronic components to be densely packed in a small area, saving space and reducing the overall size of the device.
  • Complexity: As electronic systems become more complex, the number of interconnections between components increases. PCBs, help to simplify this process by providing a standardized and organized way to make these connections.
  • Electrical noise: PCBs can help to reduce electrical noise and interference in the system, which can be a significant challenge in complex electronic systems.
  • Manufacturing costs: PCBs can be produced in large quantities using automated manufacturing processes, which helps to reduce the cost per unit.

INTechHouse built the best-in-class PCB solution based on careful consideration of design, materials, testing, and collaboration. By focusing on these areas, we could create high-quality PCB solutions that met our client’s needs and enabled them to innovate and improve their products.

Technology used in project

Altium Designer, LTspice

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Value we added

PCBs creation was an essential component in cooperation with our foreign client because they offered many benefits for the business, including improved reliability, reduced manufacturing costs, and increased design flexibility.

Future perspective

The cooperation is going fine and we predict various power and digital electronics projects. We are ready to build long-time cooperation and support.