Power Electronics Solutions

Making high-reliability subsea electronics solutions, optimizing designs for safety and power delivery.

About client

The client is a multinational US corporation with headquarters in some European countries.

Business challenge

INTechHouse has been developing high-reliability devices in line with subsea standards and other standards for electronic devices.

There were many challenges on the development road necessary to fix with the best possible result. So, we designed custom magnetics components and successfully operated with the components’ density and isolation requirements.

Team composition

  1. Power Electronics Expert
  2. Power Electronics Designers
  3. Test Engineers
  4. Project Manager



Our solution

The designs are optimized for the high-reliability standards required for subsea products. Our products are going to be part of a system that is crucial for safety and power delivery.

The project includes hardware. In the end, we need to create quality for the entire solution.

Technology used in project


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Value we added

Improvement of power magnetic components, development of additional features that facilitate device operation in different operation modes, and resolving crucial issues related to reliability and issues with space constraints.

Future perspective

Our cooperation is going very well and the visible result looking forward. INTechHouse has already worked with the governments of countries such as Poland and the UK. So, we know all the hidden rocks and how to make the process as effective as possible.