Payloads for Unmanned Aerial Vehcicle (UAV)

Our client asked about the implementation of unmanned flying platform for observation and study the environment.

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About the client

Polish Armaments Group is a holding company established by the Polish government to unite Polish, state-owned defence industry companies. The headquarters of this group is in Radom. The Group comprises over 30 companies that are responsible for different government tasks including military services.

Business challenge

Our client asked about the implementation of an unmanned flying platform for the observation and study of the environment. It was a challenging project because we need to create a complex platform equipped with different functionality.

Team composition

The total number of people is around 40 including:

  1. Product Manager
  2. Project Manager
  3. Team Leader and Project Support Engineer
  4. Embedded Software Developers
  5. Compliance Engineers and Optoelectronics
  6. Electronics Designers and Mechanical Designers
  7. Software Developers and Software Testers
  8. System Architects and Test Engineers
  9. UI/UX Designers
  10. Industrial Designers and Assembly Engineers
  11. RF Designer Engineers
  12. Quality Controllers
  13. Chemist and UAV Operator
  14. Service Support Engineers
  15. Help Desk Engineer and Documentation Engineer,
  16. Electronics Technologist and Mechanical Technologist

Our solution

The project aim was to develop the following types of UAVO platforms:

  • Patrol Platform – equipped with electrooptical heads with light and infrared sensors.
  • Research Platform – equipped with trays designed for air pollution analysis.
  • Research Platform – equipped with specialized sensors able to evaluate onsite environmental contamination by chemical substances.
  • Research Platform – equipped with a sampling system for chemical analysis.
  • Research Platform – equipped with an NDVI camera to assess the degree of decomposition of biological flora.
  • Unified Exploratory Platform – consisting of a Repeater (signal carrier platform) and Mini-Observer equipped with a lightweight camera to monitor the interior of buildings.
  • Photogrammetric Platform – equipped with a proprietary imaging navigation system that allows for movement in hard-to-reach areas.

/technologies/ used in this project

The system was built based on 6-layer PCBs.
Software used:

  • Software running on Linux in C++ and Python
  • firmware for devices in C language
  • application developed in Qt environment in C++ and QML language
  • Example communication protocols we used.
  • ISM
  • GPS
  • USB
  • Ethernet over ISM
  • SBUS
  • HDMI
  • CAN
  • LVDS
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Value we added

We have built unique and globally innovative solutions that contribute to environmental protection. INTechHouse is a true expert in the field of air and water pollution detection.

Future perspective

The systems are being developed and adapted to all user’s needs. Currently, we are expanding the potential applications of the systems we have built and the knowledge we have gained, which results in new projects. Our teams learned how to create complete solutions combining hardware and software. Thanks to this, today, we carry out further complex projects where an unusual approach is key to solving technical problems. INTechHouse has excellent knowledge of the environmental conditions and high standards that advanced systems must meet.