About client

The State Archives is a central nature-based network of over 70 organizational units throughout Poland. In the State Archives, archives are produced, collected, secured, and made available by local authorities and state offices, judicial institutions and local governments, educational, religious, and social institutions and organizations, industrial enterprises, as well as collections of families and estates, the heritage of private persons and regional collections.

Business challenge

Our goal was a large-scale digital archive-collecting system for electronic documents. ADE (Archive of Electronic Documents) is a super-secured, high-performance system ready for operating over 10 000 institutions all over Poland.

Team composition

  • Enterprise architects
  • Business analysts
  • System analysts
  • Software developers
  • Security specialists
  • Software testers
  • Project managers

Our solution

ADE system was designed in microservice architecture software and developed from scratch by SoftBlue engineers. Part of the functionality has been achieved before integration with ready-made open-source solutions. The state-of-the-art technology provides security and searches quality at the highest level.

Technology used in project

JAVA + Spring Framework, Liferay Portal, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Business process engine, WORM (Write Once Read Many) data storage, BI reporting server.

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Value we added

The new challenge for State Archives: electronic documentation, was successfully managed, and ready to use solution was delivered.

Future perspective

A team of engineers who designed and created the ADE system will prepare and implement changes expected by the business as part of additional work.