About client

Our client is a leading global rail technology company with a headquarter in Germany. They offer international customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source making an important contribution to human mobility.

Business challenge

The crisis in the energy market, manifested by a rapid increase in prices and the risk of introducing restrictions on energy consumption, forced the need to implement a scalable, flexible energy management system. The project’s aim was to obtain knowledge about the profile of consumed energy and gas, and the amount of energy consumed by individual devices, as well as to determine the potential for reducing power and increasing energy efficiency.

Team composition

  • Project manager,
  • Energy optimization engineer (with the extra ability to provide media consumption analysis),
  • Electrical engineer

Our solution

We implement Energy Management System based on an ADC logger and master data application. We have designed a complete solution consisting of both the ADC recorder and the master data application, as well as the media metering method. Measurements were made of 18 power receivers and gas and power connections. Analytical dashboards were designed and configured.

Technology used in project

  • ADC (Autonomous Data Controller) – data logger with analysis algorithm
  • EFFECT_basic – master data application with data analysis algorithms

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Value we added

Our company added some crucial values to this project. There are

  • Control over the consumption of energy and gas
  • Ordered power control
  • Power guard function
  • Energy cost control for individual Departments and Production Sections
  • Documented effects of optimization actions

Future perspective

The project is ongoing, so our cooperation is going to be long-term and we plan numerous implementations and upgrades such as

  • extension of the system to other media: heat, compressed air,
  • implementation of the solution in other locations.