About client

An international company operating in the maritime and petrochemical market. The main recipients of the company's services are foreign clients. The company specialized in technical diagnostics of marine equipment, such as electric engines, combustion engines, pumps, compressors, etc.

Business challenge

Connect to an existing database that is in continuous development. The goal of the project was to create an application for live presentation and enter measurement data as well as prices and locations of available spare parts. The system should suggest when and where it is best to replace elements that will be damaged in future.

Team composition

  • Database administrator,
  • Database architect
  • Backend Python programmer
  • Frontend Angular, TypeStcipt programmer

Our solution

On-line application (24/7/265), used for monitoring and recommending repairs/replacements of equipment elements on the basis of performance measurement.

Technology used in project

PostgreSQL, Python, Angular

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Value we added

This software contributes to the reduction of failure rate and detection of defects at early stages. It also helps to take quick corrective actions, thus increasing the stability of the ship’s engine room, and reducing the extent of failures and repair costs. Application has a significant impact on the optimization of spare parts procurement.

Future perspective

Development of software for mobile devices.