IT Architecture Design for GreenTech

Embarking on a transformative journey, where we spearheaded a TOGAF-driven IT overhaul for a leading renewable energy powerhouse.

About client

Our client stands as a leading force in the renewable energy product industry, specializing in delivering cutting-edge solutions, constructions, panels, and essential equipment for expansive renewable energy farms. Their influence extends beyond Poland, making them a market leader in various European countries.

Business challenge

The collaborative venture presented multifaceted challenges:

  • Documenting the existing IT systems architecture developed by three distinct companies.
  • Formulating principles and requirements aligned with the TOGAF framework for the new corporate and product architecture.
  • Crafting standards for software production and designing a unified CI/CD process, including a code quality standard for diverse software types (embedded, mobile, web).
  • Creating and implementing a standardized method for selecting technological solutions, considering both technical and business factors for existing and emerging IT products.
  • Developing a comprehensive testing methodology for all areas of the client’s software products, aimed at streamlining and documenting the acceptance and delivery process.
  • Choosing a leading cloud solution provider based on the developed method for selecting technological solutions, ensuring transparency and repeatability of the process, verified by available CLOUD service providers.

Team composition

Our project team, consisting of 7 dedicated professionals, brought a diverse range of expertise to ensure the success of the Enterprise Architecture implementation:

  • Enterprise Architect (Lead)
  • IT Director (Client’s Representative)
  • Department Managers (IT Areas)
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Cloud Services Architect
  • IT Solutions Architect

Our solution

Guided by the TOGAF framework and its ADM cycle, the team adeptly tackled all business challenges. The work was structured in a hybrid model, with on-site workshops for solutions at the client’s premises and remote agile construction of mechanisms, procedures, and standards. TOGAF products underwent rigorous testing, reviews, and constructive criticism from collaborating companies. The final architectural and IT norms and solutions gained approval from the board of directors and the supervisory board, acknowledging the financial, business, and technological implications.

Technology used in project

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Value we added

Successful project completion hinged on a profound understanding of the chosen project methodology and the predefined key project products. Our experience facilitated efficient coordination within the project team, ensuring the quality of delivered solutions, validated at multiple levels and allowing for swift implementation. Overcoming time complexity and stakeholder dispersion were pivotal factors in the project’s success.

Future perspective

The introduction of Enterprise Architecture marks the initial phase of our collaboration with the client. Presently, we oversee the implementation of quality and technological guidelines in ongoing projects. The roadmap includes the implementation of other identified infrastructural elements identified during the inventory of business and technological areas. This ongoing partnership is poised for continued success in innovative infrastructure solutions

Case study

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