Helipad Lighting Control & Monitoring System

Leveraging control systems and weather monitoring technology, this innovative solution ensures precision, safety, and efficiency in helicopter landings.

About client

The client specializes in high-quality helipad lighting solutions and operates in the aviation industry, particularly focusing on expanding into the European market.

Business challenge

With the increasing use of helicopters, particularly in medical rescue operations, there was a pressing need for a reliable and user-friendly heliport management system. The challenge was to enhance the safety and functionality of helipads, especially in urban areas where precise and reliable lighting is crucial for the safety of pilots and medical transport.

Team composition

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • DevOps
  • PLC Programmer
  • Automation engineer
  • Mechanic constructor (dedicated cases)

Our solution

A sophisticated system was developed for controlling and monitoring helipad lighting. Key features include automated control of lighting signals, remote activation capabilities, integration of a camera system for monitoring helicopter landings, a comprehensive weather station for recording and analyzing weather conditions, and robust power supply solutions with main and backup systems to ensure continuous operation in line with Air Medical Services requirements. Additionally, advanced notification and reporting features, including email alerts for system failures and maintenance needs:

1) System Components and Features: The system comprises various modules, including the main control cabinet, island cabinets, and associated hardware components such as controllers, power supplies, relays, cameras, weather stations, and lighting fixtures. These details provide a comprehensive understanding of the system’s architecture and capabilities.

2) Control Options: The system offers multiple control options, including manual control from the main control cabinet or island cabinets, remote activation via radio signals from helicopters, and integration with the airport’s lighting control infrastructure. This highlights the versatility and adaptability of the system to different operational scenarios.

3) User Interface: The user interface features a user-friendly panel with intuitive menus and icons for system configuration, monitoring, and status display. This enhances user experience and facilitates efficient operation of the system.

4) Advanced Functionalities: The system incorporates advanced functionalities such as remote lighting activation from helicopters using custom adapters, integration with network video recorders (NVRs) for recording landing procedures, email notification for system alerts, and diagnostics for lighting fixture health. These functionalities demonstrate the system’s sophistication and ability to meet diverse operational requirements.

Technology used in project

WAGO Control System
Networking Technologies (Ethernet, RS485)
Camera and Video Recording Technology
Weather Monitoring Technology
LED Lighting Technology
Radio Communication Technology
Software Development
Integration Technologies
Codesys on WAGO PLC
MySQL database
3D printer – case prototyping

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Value we added

The implemented solution significantly improved the safety and efficiency of helipad operations. The integration of advanced lighting control, real-time monitoring, and weather analysis ensures optimal conditions for helicopter landings, particularly in emergency situations. Moreover, the system’s user-friendly interface and automated features greatly enhance the operational capabilities of helipads, making them safer and more reliable.

Future perspective

There are plans to further refine the system, exploring additional features and technologies to enhance helipad safety and efficiency. The goal is to continue innovating in this space to ensure the client remains at the forefront of helipad technology and expands successfully into new markets.

Case study

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