Healthcare Transformation: NHS Integrated Solution

Experiencing the power of strategic planning, high-level architecture design, and a collaborative approach, all guided by the TOGAF ADM Lifecycle.

About client

NHS (National Health Service), a state institution overseeing public healthcare funds, sought a comprehensive system to streamline processes for patients, doctors, and healthcare facilities, ultimately enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.

Business challenge

NHS aimed for a global IT solution supporting strategic planning, daily operations, and financial control in the healthcare sector.

Team composition

Our consortium with Ateris S.A. included experts like business analysts, system architects, and project managers.

Our solution

  • Strategic Planning: Our team, in collaboration with NHS employees, applied the TOGAF methodology to formulate the principles and requirements of corporate architecture. This laid the foundation for strategic planning in the development of an integrated healthcare management system.
  • High-Level Architecture Design: We crafted a comprehensive high-level architecture covering databases, applications, and hardware technologies. This design serves as a roadmap for the system’s development, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and alignment with NHS’s vision.
  • Testing Methodology: Alongside architectural design, we introduced a robust testing methodology to ensure the reliability and functionality of the system. Our team proposed suitable programming tools for various testing aspects, contributing to the overall quality assurance process.
  • Collaborative Approach: Our analytics and architects collaborated closely with NHS employees, fostering a joint effort to understand and address the complexities of the healthcare system. This collaborative approach ensures that the solution is tailor-made to meet the diverse needs of patients, doctors, and healthcare staff.

Technology used in project

  • TOGAF ADM Lifecycle: The entire project was guided by the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) Lifecycle, providing a systematic and structured approach to enterprise architecture development.
  • ARIS, SharePoint, MS Office: We leveraged tools such as ARIS for process modeling, SharePoint for collaborative work, and MS Office for documentation and communication, enhancing efficiency and communication throughout the project.

Technology/Methodology Used:

Methodology: TOGAF ADM Lifecycle
Tools: ARIS, Sharepoint, MsOffice

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Value we added

Our high-level system design empowers NHS to advance system development with clarity and purpose.

Future perspective

Continued collaboration involves refining the architecture in line with TOGAF ADM Lifecycle and evolving client needs.