Harsh Environment Data Transmission Solution

Building a multinational product, seamlessly blending modern solutions with proven reliability for sustained success and competitiveness.

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About the client

Our client, a multinational US corporation with a strong global presence and headquarters in multiple European countries, approached INTechHouse with a critical challenge related to a product sold since the early 2000s.

Business challenge

The client’s product, still in high demand worldwide, faced uncertainty due to the diminishing availability of spare parts. The challenge was to rejuvenate the product, preserving its original functionality and reliability while integrating modern hardware and software solutions to secure its future.

Team composition

  • Electronics Design Experts
  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Technical Project Manager

Our solution

INTechHouse undertook a comprehensive approach to address the challenges:

  • New Product Design
    Developed a new design rejuvenating the product while maintaining its core functionality and reliability.
  • Hardware Selection
    Identified optimal hardware counterparts with a focus on long-term availability, reliability, and low power consumption.
  • Software Integration
    Seamlessly integrated modern software development approaches with legacy solutions, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Feasibility Study
    Conducted a feasibility study and created an activity roadmap to develop a proof of concept, providing a strategic path forward.

/technologies/ used in this project

Embedded C/C++, Embedded software debugging, ARM Cortex-M4 uC, FPGA

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Value we added

INTechHouse submitted a design that infused new life into the client’s product, potentially surpassing the performance of its predecessor. Our team showcased the ability to integrate contemporary software achievements with proven traditional ideas. The selection of hardware components was meticulously done, meeting stringent criteria for longevity, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Future perspective

The successful revitalization of this product sets the stage for a promising future. INTechHouse has not only addressed the immediate challenges but has also paved the way for sustained success, ensuring the product remains relevant and competitive.