Financial Process Automation

Ensuring business continuity, imparting crucial expertise, and driving efficiency through innovative automation solution

About client

Our client is an international company specializing in network and procurement solutions for businesses, with a focus on improving and automating financial processes. The company offers a range of services, including invoice automation, payment processing, and cash management. Its mission is to assist enterprises in enhancing their financial operations, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs through innovative solutions. With expertise in digitization and the automation of financial processes, the company plays a pivotal role in the financial technology and business process outsourcing industry.

Business challenge

The client faced dynamic market changes and the risk of specialist turnover, emphasizing the critical need for business continuity. Delivering knowledge and competencies to navigate these challenges became imperative. Addressing market shifts, potential staff rotations, and ensuring uninterrupted business operations were key challenges.

Team composition

To tackle the business challenge, our dedicated team comprised skilled professionals specializing in DevOps and Quality Assurance Engineering. These individuals brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project, ensuring the continuity of financial processes and minimizing disruptions.

Our solution

We provided expertise and competencies through our team of specialists, ensuring business continuity and reducing implementation and maintenance costs on the client’s side. Filling crucial staffing gaps, we facilitated the smooth pursuit of business goals and continuous improvement. Our team maintained software, conducted tests, resolved ongoing procurement issues, prepared new versions, and implemented updates to address the evolving legal landscape specific to the industry.

Technology used in project

Java, Groovy, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Bash, Azure, Docker/Docker Compose, Python, Playwright

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Value we added

  • Knowledge Continuity: Our experts ensured the transfer of knowledge and competencies, mitigating the impact of staff turnover.
  • Operational Efficiency: By addressing key staffing needs, we facilitated the smooth execution of business objectives and improvement initiatives.
  • Cost Optimization: Our team contributed to reducing implementation and maintenance costs for the client.

Future perspective

The ongoing collaboration aims to adapt to evolving market dynamics, explore opportunities for further automation, and continually enhance financial processes. Our future goals include expanding our support for the client’s financial operations, leveraging emerging technologies, and maintaining a proactive approach to address industry changes.