Dedicated DevOps and Maintenance Services

INTechHouse enhances IT infrastructure: delivering seamless, cost-effective solutions for essential client needs.

About client

Our valued client is one of the leading providers of train arrival information boards and electric car chargers, known for their excellence in delivering quality services.

Business challenge

The company faced a pressing need for swift recruitment of qualified personnel, ensuring immediate availability of skilled employees. By utilizing our services as both a supplier and a longstanding business partner, we helped bridge the gaps and secure the enterprise’s critical requirements.

Team composition

  • IT Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator

Our solution

Our focus was on maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure, including routers, switches, and servers, to ensure optimal and uninterrupted operations. We also provided support for network and DevOps projects. Additionally, we offered ongoing support for end-users and tailored thematic training based on identified needs.

Technology used in project

Cisco, Fortinet, Active Directory, ESET Smart Security, Ubiquity, Dell (servers)

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Value we added

Our partnership delivered consistent service within the SLA conditions, eliminating typical issues related to employee availability, holidays, and staff turnover. This not only optimized costs but also provided access to specialized knowledge from our continuously expanding team of experts.

Future perspective