Data Digitalisation in Water management

Creating a robust citech solution for the municipal water and sewage management company.

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About the client

A municipal water and sewage management company embarked on the challenge of modernizing their water network documentation. The objective: digitize and centralize documentation for easy employee access, especially in the field.

Business challenge

Efficiently digitize and manage extensive water network documentation, integrating GIS software for mapping, archiving technical documents, and providing location-based access to repair teams.

Team composition

  • An expert team, including a Project Manager
  • IT Architect
  • Product Owner
  • Java Developers (including Solution Architect)
  • DevOps Specialist

Our solution

We provided a comprehensive solution using Bentley ProjectWise and an FME Server. This allowed us to support investment documentation management processes for the SDD part of the project (Documentation and Digitization Management Systems). We also developed software for documentation archives and a digitization support module for SDD documentation. The project involved integrating with GIS software to display digitized documentation, creating a film archive for technical condition reviews of sewers, and making the software accessible on PCs and mobile devices.
In just 180 days, we automated digitization, making critical information available to repair teams. A significant achievement given the complexity of integrating external software.

As part of the project, we delivered a powerful 12-server computing cluster with virtualization, accompanied by storage arrays: a 100 TB block matrix and a 0.5 PB object matrix. To complement the active setup, we installed passive components, including cabinets, necessary cabling, and KVM switches with monitors. Furthermore, we provided training for client administrators. This infrastructure not only serves the current project but also supports our ongoing initiative with MWiK Bydgoszcz, focusing on document management and digitalization processes

SDD System Functionalities are Crucial because of

  • Technical Documentation Management
    Enables the management of technical documentation supporting processes related to water and sewage network passportization.
  • Digitization and Accessibility Support
    Supports the process of digitization and provides accessibility to documentation for employees.
  • Addressing Core Challenges
    Developed to tackle key challenges, including:
    Transformation of paper-based archival documentation (assets) into digital format while adhering to data archiving standards.
    Import of multimedia resources from external media with centralized access.
    Integration of solutions for access to archival documentation from the GIS system.
    Calibration of raster maps concerning current base maps.
    Workflow and automation of investment documentation processes.
    Access to technical documentation on mobile devices outside the company’s premises.
    Optimization of work time for technical and archival department employees.
  • For Public and Commercial Entities
    Tailored to serve both public and commercial entities.

/technologies/ used in this project

Leveraging Java, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Jasper Report, and Kubernetes, we created a comprehensive solution

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Value we added

Just 180 days needed to create complex civtech solution.

Beyond software, we supplied servers worth 4 million PLN, creating a fully equipped server room. Our contribution extended to equipment delivery, software development, training, and maintaining critical infrastructure.

We created real-time accessibility by enabling real-time access through tablets during fieldwork replaced reliance on paper records.

We provided SDD’s Importance because he System for Documentation and Digitization (SDD) streamlines archival digitization, integrates multimedia resources, provides GIS access, calibrates raster maps, and automates workflows, optimizing efficiency. Digitalization addressed stacks of paper documentation, inefficient borrowing processes, time wasted waiting for access, wear and tear, and limited employee access outside the premises.

Future perspective

This project showcases trust in our capabilities, marking a significant step towards efficient water network management and the future of innovative infrastructure solutions.