Connectivity and Security in Industrial Networks

Experience ISO 27001-aligned security while envisioning a Security Operations Center to fortify the manufacturing company’s resilience.

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About the client

The company operates in technology niches where specialized in-house experts are scarce. We address critical needs such as delivering security and network experts, ensuring the continuous operation of both office and IoT industrial networks, maintaining consistent user profiles across facilities, and providing ongoing network and security monitoring.

Business challenge

The project’s scope involves the maintenance of LAA and WIFI networks across five production facilities. Daily tasks encompass reviewing the operational status of network devices, updating software, and overseeing user support cases. The infrastructural aspect relies on our centralized solution for configuration management and availability.

Team composition

Our dedicated team includes two Extreme Networks and Fortinet engineers, an ISO27001 lead auditor, and a first-line helpdesk engineer.

Our solution

We administer a complex network comprising thousands of ports and hundreds of WIFI devices in multiple locations. Our central management solution integrates with Active Directory, providing secure end-user access through the 802.1x protocol. Security management involves traffic control between VLANs, both within each facility and in and out of each location, utilizing Extreme Networks, Fortinet, and UTM/NGF solutions. We implement security policies on procedural and technical levels.

/technologies/ used in this project

Extreme Networks, Fortinet, UTM/NGF solutions

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Value we added

Our proactive approach ensures network stability, user support, and robust security, enhancing client’s operational resilience. We meticulously enforce security policies and technical measures, aligning with ISO 27001 standards.

Future perspective

We envision establishing a Security Operations Center (SOC) to elevate our incident management capabilities. This strategic move aims to comprehensively manage security incidents across all network elements, including workstations, network devices, servers, and internet access. The SOC framework aligns with client’s evolving security needs and industry best practices.