BI Transformation in Healthcare

Examining the implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to enhance operational efficiency and patient care at Bieganski Hospital.

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About the client

Bieganski Hospital in Poland is a prominent provider of medical services with a network of specialized clinics and departments. The hospital prioritizes efficient management practices to maintain its operational standards.

Business challenge

The hospital faced the obstacle of fragmented data spread across various platforms like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS). This hindered timely access to insights, affecting strategic decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Team composition

  • Data Enginner
  • Architect
  • SQL Developer
  • Project Manager

Our solution

To address these challenges, we introduced the Inforum BI Studio platform, tailored specifically for healthcare management. Our approach included:

  • Seamless Integration: Unifying existing ERP and HIS systems for centralized data consolidation, ensuring accessibility from a singular platform.
  • Customized Reporting: Tailoring reporting tools to Bieganski Hospital’s specific requirements, facilitating the generation of bespoke reports for diverse management levels and departments.
  • OLAP Cubes: Leveraging Online Analytical Processing cubes to enable flexible, multidimensional data analysis, empowering staff to dissect data for comprehensive insights.
  • Specialized Modules: Incorporating modules for budgeting, medical procedure oversight, profitability assessment, and cost calculation, optimizing administrative and financial workflows.

/technologies/ used in this project

The adoption of Inforum BI Studio sets the stage for a future where BI solutions redefine healthcare management globally. Organizations embracing BI will optimize operations and drive evidence-based decision-making, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. Predictive analytics and AI will further advance these capabilities, shaping a future of data-driven healthcare innovation at Bieganski Hospital and beyond.

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