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AirDron: Air Quality Monitoring with Drone Technology

A revolutionary drone-based system designed to measure air pollution levels in real-time with a data-gathering system.

About client

Our primary clients include public sector institutions such as local authorities, universities, research institutes, and municipal or fire brigade units. Additionally, various private companies offering air quality control services utilize AirDron's advanced sensor technology.

Business challenge

The challenge was to create an all-encompassing air quality measurement system, determining particulate matter content and selected substances. AirDron’s versatility spans routine air quality control to crisis interventions during events like fires or chemical leaks.

Team composition

Initially, our development team included hardware engineers, an enterprise architect, a business analyst, software developers, software testers, and a project manager. During the system’s maintenance and enhancement phase, the team consisted of a hardware engineer, software developer, tester, and team leader.

Our solution

AirDron Technologies includes an array of sensors, communication protocols, hardware solutions, and low-level software. It integrates electrochemical sensors, lower explosive limit sensors, VOC sensors, TVOC sensors, and optical particle counters with communication protocols like ISM, GPS, USB, and a proprietary drone protocol. The low-level software involves firmware variants (bare-metal and RTOS) for live data transmission, logging to microSD card, and simultaneous sampling of gas and particle sensor data.

Why Is AirDron so Special?

  • Durable Construction:
    Robust materials ensure excellent quality.
  • EMC Compatibility:
    Operates without interference in specific electromagnetic environments.
  • Laboratory Quality:
    Individually calibrated sensors
    Quality control at R&D INTechHouse Laboratory.
  • Service and Training:
    Warranty and post-warranty service
    Drone and probe head training provided.

AirDron Benefits

  • Mobile system for air quality assessment and smog detection.
  • Measures air quality in cities and municipalities.
  • Monitors PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 particulate matter.
  • Real-time chimney smoke testing and analysis.
  • Anti-smog drone for preventive actions.
  • Technical support, training, and financing information provided.

Technology used in project

C#, .NET Core, WPF, Angular, MSSQL, PostgreSQL.

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Value we added

We seamlessly integrated diverse measurement systems within one device, overcoming challenges in sensor verification, calibration, and precise particle content calculation. AirDron is not just a hardware solution; it includes software for measurements and result analysis, ensuring a cohesive and effective system.

The dedicated Ground Control Station (GCS) software for the AirDron by INTechHouse offers

  • Enables real-time data analysis,
  • Continuous visualization of measurement results,
  • Allows operators to set alarm thresholds,
  • Facilitates direct data saving from the operator panel,
  • Intuitive and efficient interface for seamless air quality data management.

Future perspective

Looking ahead, we aim to continue developing AirDron, expanding our software offerings and measurement capabilities. We are exploring international markets and actively adapting our technology to integrate with new unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the DJI SkyPort V2 system. As we push the boundaries of air quality monitoring, AirDron remains at the forefront of environmental technology.

Case study

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