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Agile Expansion & Unified Communication Solutions

Transforming global telecom software with agile solutions, ensuring ongoing success through seamless communication channel integration.

About client

Our client is a global telecommunications company. Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, specific details are confidential, but their impact in the telecom industry is significant and well-recognized.

Business challenge

The core challenge was to expand and enhance the client’s existing software infrastructure. This involved integrating additional communication channels to adapt to current market dynamics. A primary hurdle was unifying varied communication channels within their telecom software, which differed greatly among manufacturers, requiring a sophisticated and seamless integration approach.

Team composition

The project was undertaken by a handpicked team of professionals, each bringing specialized skills crucial for meeting the tight deadlines. The team included an Architect, a DevOps expert, six Java Developers, and a Project Manager. Their diverse expertise ensured comprehensive coverage of all project aspects.

Our solution

Our approach utilized Agile methodologies, particularly SCRUM, to maintain high efficiency and close collaboration between our team and the client’s representatives. The project, completed under an exceptionally tight schedule, required our team’s vast experience to swiftly deliver high-quality results.

Our solution was created in a microservices architecture. We implemented a hexagonal architecture model, which enabled the integration of additional communication channels. This allowed our client to effectively utilize popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, and Google Business Messenger. The integration of these channels facilitated the creation of a more cohesive and comprehensive communication system, better addressing the end-users’ needs.

Furthermore, the adoption of a reactive approach enabled us to achieve a solution with high scalability. This approach ensures that the system is more flexible and can efficiently handle increased loads, which is crucial in maintaining performance and reliability under varying conditions.

Additionally, we designed a high-quality API for use by our client’s target customers. This API is tailored to facilitate seamless integration and interaction, enhancing the overall user experience and enabling efficient access to the expanded communication functionalities provided by our solution.

Technology used in project

We employed a robust technology stack, including Java 17, Spring Boot, S3, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Hibernate + JPA, and WebFlux. This diverse set of technologies was selected for its flexibility, scalability, and robustness, ensuring a high-quality software solution that meets the project’s complex demands.

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Value we added

The project’s success lies in the seamless integration of new communication channels into the existing telecom software, enhancing its functionality and market adaptability. Our solution provided a unified communication platform, empowering the client to maintain a competitive edge in the telecommunications industry and continue delivering exceptional services globally.

Future perspective

This project underscores INTechHouse’s expertise in managing high-stakes, fast-paced technological challenges. Our ability to deliver complex solutions within tight deadlines positions us as a leader in the telecom sector, paving the way for future innovations and collaborations.
The project is now ongoing and we extended it by 4 additional months.